Rumor: Watch Dogs 3 Announcement Coming Soon From Ubisoft, Details Revealed

It's ripe for another title, seeing as Watch Dogs 2 was released back in 2017.
If rumors are to be believed, the London-based Watch Dogs 3 will get a reveal from Ubisoft within the next few days.
If rumors are to be believed, the London-based Watch Dogs 3 will get a reveal from Ubisoft within the next few days. Ubisoft

Watch Dogs 3 is back on the menu for upcoming releases, it would seem, as a new rumor has attested to it with some amount of credibility.

Ubisoft’s hacking-based open-world series started off pretty rocky, with tons of glitches and game-breaking bugs present in the first Watch Dogs, even after patches were released. It also didn’t help that the driving in Watch Dogs was the absolute worst I have ever seen in a video game. Couple that with the fact that the story is just boring and uninspired (even by Ubisoft standards) and the incredibly obvious technical downgrades, and you have yourself one of the worst launches for a new AAA IP. I can’t believe there was a time when people considered it a genuine foil to Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V, which was released the year previously for the seventh generation of consoles.

The series did see a somewhat successful second outing, with Watch Dogs 2 featuring an actual likeable cast of characters, updated parkour and driving mechanics, and more enjoyable gameplay aspects set against the colorful backdrop of San Francisco. It wasn’t the best title released that year (that honor goes to Dark Souls III, at least for me), but it still kept me somewhat entertained by its various antics and activities.

Ubisoft has recently stated that it will release four new upcoming AAA titles from the present up to March 2020, and according to the rumor found on Reddit, it would seem that Watch Dogs 3 is one of those titles.

Here are some of the details uncovered in the rumor, but remember to take a huge grain of salt with you before reading through them.

  • The game will be set in London (no surprises there, following the tease at the end of Watch Dogs 2) and the main character is named Sarah, who is half Asian and half English.
  • Instead of working for a group looking to ‘stick it to the man,’ Watch Dogs 3 will see you work for a counter-terrorist organization, with your specific branch specializing in stopping cyber-attacks. Your efforts will culminate in you infiltrating a hacker group and bringing down their operations, as well as finding out who’s in charge.
  • There are no lethal weapons, only non-lethal ones such as batons and tasers.
  • You can skateboard and create graffiti.
  • Announcement date set two weeks before E3, full gameplay reveal at E3 and release date in November 2019.

It’s important to note that this Reddit post was from back in February and only gained traction again after SpielTimes’ coverage on the matter. In their piece, some of their supposed sources confirm the viability of the leak. You can check out the entirety of what’s confirmed and what’s not right here.

One game that was also the target of rumors is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which has been confirmed for a release in October of this year.

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