Solo Leveling: ARISE New RPG Based on Hit Webtoon Launching This Year

Time to be the hero.
Time to be the hero. Netmarble

Another milestone has been reached by the hit webtoon Solo Leveling. A while back, it was announced that an anime series based on the webtoon was coming out. This time, Netmarble revealed that they'll be releasing an action RPG called Solo Leveling: ARISE, launching later this year on PC, Android, and iOS.

Solo Leveling is a webtoon series which has accumulated more than 14.2 billion views globally. It’s set in a world where humanity faces the threats posed by dimension gates. Mankind is protected by talented "hunters" who enter dungeons and fight against deadly hordes of monsters.

The story follows a weak E-Rank hunter named Sung Jinwoo. He initially enters what appears to be a low-level D-Rank gate which turns out to have a very difficult "Double Dungeon" hidden inside. Jinwoo narrowly survives and awakens from the experience with new rare abilities. He discovers that he can now "level up" by defeating monsters and completing quests.

Faithful Reproduction

The game Solo Leveling: ARISE reproduces the original webtoon series in a faithful manner through:

  • Immersive storytelling.
  • Action RPG mechanics.
  • Dynamic combat.
  • Fast-paced gameplay.

In addition to Sung Jinwoo, the game also features other beloved hunters in the series like Cha Haein and Yoo Jinho. Players can look forward to mastering the abilities of each hunter and combining their powers to clear each gate.

Like the webtoon, players can extract the shadows of enemies that they've defeated and have them fight on their side. With this, they can form their very own Army of Shadows. But remember, to defeat the magic beasts in each dungeon, you need to come up with unique strategies.

New Website

In preparation for the release of the game, fans can check out the recently launched official website, which offers new information and content about the game. There's also the "Hunter Secret Files" where fans can learn more about the backstories of each hunter, supervised by none other than original series author Chugong. There's also a gallery of images and clips available to view.

Are you ready to be the hero?

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