Root Letter: Last Answer Coming To Switch And PS4 This Year

Featuring a new live-action mode.
A proper Western port for Root Letter is finally here.
A proper Western port for Root Letter is finally here. Kadokawa Games

Kadokawa Games’ Root Letter: Last Answer will be published to both North America and Europe later this year by PQube.

The game’s enhanced version was initially announced to release in Japan on December 20 of last year. However, it looks like some prayers have been answered as it has been confirmed via PQube’s tweet that this version is also coming to the west later this year.

Root Letter: Last Answer is about your journey to unravel the mystery shrouding your pen pal, Aya Fumino, who was involved in a murder 15 years ago. You will tour Shimane, look for clues, and take a closer look at the letters you’ve exchanged with her to meet her friends and find out what really happened. You might have a hard time, though, since these friends just might not be keen to talk about Aya.

The interactive mystery visual novel will have new features in its re-release. It will include gameplay improvements, a new epilogue, and the most exciting addition of them all is the live-action mode. You can experience a whole new thrill seeing all the characters drawn by Mino Taro come to life.

The list of the cast was revealed by Gematsu which is listed below:

  • Aya Fumino (voiced by Noriko Hidaka, live-acted by Ako Yamamoto)
  • Yukari Ishihara (voiced by Kikuko Inoue, live-acted by Moa Tsukino)
  • Jun Oomori (voiced by Keisuke Koumoto, live-acted by Hideyuki Natsukawa)
  • Misaki Murakami (voiced by Hyo-sei, live-acted by Saki Miyamoto)
  • Shouta Nodu (voiced by Kazuhiro Sunseki, live-acted by Yoshiaki Tanabe)
  • Kousuke Tanaka (voiced by Hiroshi Iwasaki, live-acted by Kai Yamazaki)
  • Shouya Watanabe (voiced by Shuusaku Shirakawa, live-acted by Hiroshi Nagasawa)
  • Riko Sasaki (voiced by Yumi Touma, live-acted by Arisa Noto)

Root Letter, as in the original version that was released in 2016, was one of the most successful visual novels. Even the creators of the game were shocked by the sales it made.

Director Zin Hasegawa spoke in an interview last year, “We actually don’t really know if Western people will like it.” Contrary to this, the game sold 500,000 copies in the west despite having a limited release. In my opinion, this may have pushed the developers to finally try their hand in the west with a better version.

Root Letter: Last Answer is set to be released sometime this year for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

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