Rooster Teeth Announces Release Dates For ‘RWBY: Chibi’ And ‘Red vs Blue’ Season 14 At Pax East

RWBY: Chibi will premiere on May 7
RWBY: Chibi will premiere on May 7 Rooster Teeth

During the Rooster Teeth panel at Pax East 2016, the highly anticipated premiere dates for Red vs Blue Season 14 and the RWBY spinoff series, RWBY Chibi, were announced.

Red vs Blue Season 14 will premiere on Rooster Teeth May 8, with the RWBY spinoff debuting a day earlier on May 7.

RWBY Chibi will take our favorite ladies from the world of Remnant and put them in hilarious situations. As dark as RWBY Season 3 was, Chibi will put everyone from the world of RWBY into more innocent and childlike situations.

While the initial RWBY Chibi announcement showed off the character designs for the series, fans only got to see Ruby, Black, Weiss and Yang. But at the Rooster Teeth panel, three new character designs were revealed. Check them out:

Season 14 of Red vs Blue will move forward from the Chorus Trilogy to tell new stories from different places and times in the RvB universe. This season, there will be short collection of stories instead of the long story arc that fans may be accustomed to.

Here’s the official synopsis of Red vs. Blue Season 14:

“The story of Red vs. Blue spans across thirteen hilarious, action-packed seasons, but there are still tales yet to be told. Rather than a season-long story arc, Season 14 of Red vs. Blue is a collection of stories that take place throughout the RvB universe and timeline, organized and presented by the wisecracking computer program, VIC. The stories of Season 14 will vary in length, style, and tone, and have been crafted in collaboration with writers and directors from all corners of the web including Freddie Wong of RocketJump fame, best-selling author Ernest Cline, Funhaus, Game Grumps, and (returning to their RvB roots) Rooster Teeth co-founders Burnie Burns and Matt Hullum.”

And if you haven’t had your fill of RvB, a limited edition steelbook collection of the RvB Chorus Trilogy will be released this June.

For more information, HiDefNinja has all the details regarding the steel box collection.

So are you excited for the premiere of RWBY: Chibi and Red vs. Blue Season 14? Let us know in the comments section below.

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