Rogue Legacy 2: The Winter Gifts Update Adds 14 New Relics

Rogue Legacy 2 Winter Gifts Update
Rogue Legacy 2 Winter Gifts Update Cellar Door Games

Rogue Legacy 2’s Winter Gifts Update is now live. It introduces 14 brand-new relics and adjustments to existing ones. Furthermore, the developers have tweaked Burdens, so those who want a relatively fun and challenging experience will better enjoy the New Game+.

New Relics

Besides new relics, the update also tweaks the ones already in the game. Clotho’s Spindle, Atropos’ Scissors, and Obelisk have their rarity level lowered from rare to common. Moreover, their Resolve cost has been lowered to 25.

Some Relics have also received a redesign. Icarus Wings, for example, now grants flight, but this comes at the cost of you taking bonus damage. Moreover, Incandescent Telescope is changed to Incandescent Telescope’s Bargain. This Relic gives you bonus damage against enemies far from you. However, it reduces the damage you deal to nearer foes.

As mentioned earlier, there are new Relics in Rogue Legacy 2. They are:

  • Raven's Ring
  • Heron's Ring
  • Soul Tether
  • Ivy Roots
  • Corrupting Reagent
  • Lamech's Whetstone
  • Caltrops
  • Voltaic Circlet
  • Marble Statue
  • Demeter's Trial/Reward
  • Arcane Necklace
  • Red Sand Hourglass
  • Aite's Sword/Broken Sword
  • Weighted Anklet

Update Highlights

  • Damage Burden reduced to 10% per level (max level reduced to 50%)
  • Health Burden reduced to 10% per level (max level reduced to 50%)
  • Enemy Lifesteal Burden reduced to 120% per level (max level reduced to 600%)
  • Enemy Aggression Burden reduced to 10% per level (max level reduced to 50%)
  • Enemy Projectile Speed Burden reduced to 7% per level (max level reduced to 35%)
  • Hazard Damage Burden raised to 30% per level (max level reduced to 150%)
  • Enemy Movespeed Burden reduced to +0.7 per level (max level reduced to 3.5)
  • Disabled the Ore and Aether bonus drop values
  • Purchasing new Gear and Runes now cost their corresponding resource (Ore/Aether) on top of gold, even at their starting level
  • New players will now have 1500 Ore and Aether at the start of profile creation
  • Red Portal Chests (we call them Gold Chests) will now ALWAYS drop an Empathy (if available) and Ore
  • Re-tuned Ore and Aether costs for Blueprints and Runes. As you reach +4 and up, their costs will begin to rise
  • Repurposed Mining Shaft: Gold Gain bonus lowered to 15% per level
  • Reorganized the bottom portion of the Skill Tree to get the Shy Geologist out of hiding
  • Changed Min level caps to certain Skills for better pacing
  • Handheld Ballista: Mana regen per shot raised to 25
  • Pizza: Damage reduced slightly
  • Sporeburst Spell: Mana cost raised to 75

You can read the full patch notes here.

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