Rogue Legacy 2: Patch v1.2.1 True Rogue Changes to Prevent Players from Getting Steamrolled Early

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Rogue Legacy 2 Swan Song update brought three new challenging game modes: True Rogue, Thanatophobia, and "Thana-two-phobia." However, it quickly became apparent to developer Cellar Door Games that players were having trouble with True Rogue, which was supposed to be the easiest among the three. So, the company made adjustments in Patch v1.2.1 to prevent players from getting steamrolled early on.

One of the biggest changes to True Rogue is that players will no longer get the same starting biome twice in a row. As a result, the Castle in Rogue Legacy 2 has been re-added as a possible starting biome, mainly because the duplicate starting biome check imposed in this update made Castle's removal unnecessary.

Furthermore, players are given an additional Soul Steal Rune, which increases their lifesteal from enemy kills from three to four, making the early game much more forgiving without affecting things too much later on.

According to Cellar Door Games, the main goal of these changes is to make things easier in True Rogue at the beginning, so players have enough time to build their characters up for challenges in the mid-to-late game.

Patch Notes


  • Stabilizing Estuary Difficulty. First 2 bosses are always Commander Estuaries.
  • New Encounters. The third boss will always be a TWIN COMMANDER Estuary (two Commander Buffs). The Twin Commander replaces one of the Prime Estuaries.
  • Finishing Strong. The fourth boss will always be a Prime Estuary.


  • Commander Irad
    • Can now have the MASSIVE Commander Buff (affects all 3 eyes).
    • Resonant Buff will no longer shoot projectiles on the floor. They will now always appear at the raised platform height.
    • Explosive and Void Touched now apply to the left and right eye only, and NOT the bottom one.


  • Dragon Puppet
    • Damage taken while equipped reduced from 35% to 20%.
    • Mana gain increased from 10 to 15.
  • Mjolnir
    • Range increased slightly.
  • Surfboard
    • Mana gain increased from 10 to 15.
  • Assassin
    • Base Mana increased from 125 to 150.
  • Chef
    • Base Mana reduced from 200 to 150.


  • House Rule for reducing enemy HP can now be lowered from 50% to 25%.
  • House Rule for reducing enemy damage now be lowered from 50% to 25%.


  • The Lamp enemy's (and their subsequent variants) glow sprite no longer blinks red when the enemy is hit.
  • Fixed bug where enemies that were culled while frozen would maintain their frozen visuals, but would attack and have their gravity disabled once they were unculled.
  • Fixed regression bug where Blacksmith was no longer automatically highlighting equipped armor when switching categories.
  • Fixed bug where Journal rooms would not be marked as complete when entering them while playing a special mode.
  • Fixed bug where Spike traps could deal damage when retracted upon first instantiation.
  • Improved Crossbow enemy projectile timeout effect.
  • Adjusted Thorn Shield crit glow and Hammer lightning effects.
  • Fixed longstanding bug where culling a broken prop would cause a harmless but annoying warning message about running a coroutine on a disabled object.
  • Fixed bug where surfing on water did not reset your dashes.
  • Fixed various out-of-bounds bugs when transitioning between biomes, primarily for Dragon Puppet, Surfboard, Crow Storm, and Comet.
  • Fixed bug where if you threw Mjolnir, then used Lucent Beam or the Cooking Talent, a second (unusable) Mjolnir would appear in your hands.

Rogue Legacy 2 Patch v1.2.1 is now available on PC.

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