Rogue Company Update 1.93 Introduces John Rambo Cosmetic and New Feature

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Update 1.93 is out for Rogue Company, and it brings one of the most iconic action heroes in movies. It brings the John Rambo skin and themed contracts. This skin can only be equipped for the Rogue called Seeker.

Rambo Bundle

Players can buy the Rambo Bundle for 2000 RB to get cosmetic items, such as the Legendary Rambo Seeker Skin, Rogue agent: Seeker, Law of the Jungle Mythic Sahara Weapon Skin, and Snake Catcher Mythic Combat Knife Skin.

Those interested in the Rambo Accessory Bundle can buy it for 1000 RB. It includes the Never Enough Revenge Legendary Animated Banner, One Man Army Epic Emote, Jungle Assassin Epic Primary Weapon Wrap, Jungle Assassin Epic Secondary Weapon Wrap, and Jungle Assassin Epic Melee Weapon Wrap.

Rambo Contracts

That’s not the end of it, as developers have added Rambo contracts for players who want to feel like the action hero. Some of the challenges include Deal 2,000 Explosive Damage, Down 100 Enemies with Seeker, Hit 10 Enemies with Seeker’s Bow, Get 25 Multi-kills, and Earn a First Blood Medal. Completing these contracts will give players rewards like borders, banners, and more.

New Feature

The developers are testing a feature called the Human Backfill, which allows players to join ongoing matches. This change aims to help teams with fewer players on the roster due to inactivity or leavers. The best part is players who join ongoing matches will receive full reputation and experience for completing them.

Rogue Company Update 1.93

  • Now has tenacity instead of Bounce Back
  • The master of explosives should be a little bit more resilient to them, dontcha think? Losing a source of healing hurts but we think surviving explosives on Dima can be very valuable as well. Dima’s launcher is a bit wilder in nature than something like Switchblade or even Kestrel’s drones, sometimes not even Dima knows where the launcher might hit!
  • Now has stalker instead of tenacity
  • We’re looking to reduce switchblades tankiness, seeing as she has both life drain and bounce back to make sure she’s often at or near full health, we think she can afford to lose tenacity. This will help further reduce the viability of shooting your launcher too close to your feet, ensuring you always take as much damage as you’re dealing at that moment to your enemies.
  • Can now use her ability while riding a zipline
  • Can now use her ability while riding a zipline
  • Gl1tch’s ability range is now global
  • Gl1tch can no longer pull out his hacking device while the ability is used or on cooldown.
  • Gl1tch was designed to be a breacher that destroys all enemy defenses, and prevents them from placing new ones for a duration, giving his team an opportunity to strike. However, as the game matured we started to see some emergent gameplay, which is good! Unfortunately, that emergent gameplay eclipsed the intended behavior of his original design.

You can read more about the update here.

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