Rocket League Update V2.12 Brings New Arena Variant and Tweaks to Report/Block Player Menu

Rocket League Update 2.04
Rocket League Update 2.04 Psyonix

Rocket League Season 6 is now live on every platform. Before you jump into the game, you might want to check out the patch notes to know what’s different. Update v2.12 brings new content and tweaks to the Report/Block Player Menu. It also removes some music and fixes around a dozen bugs.

A new Arena Variant has been added to the game. You can now play Neo Tokyo (Comic) via Free Play and Private Matches. Not everything is an addition though. The patch removes two music playlists from the game, namely, "Rocket League OST Vol. 1" and "Rocket League OST Vol. 2."

You can read about the rest of the changes below.


Report/Block Player Menu
  • The Mute/Report Player menu has changed to Report/Block Player
  • Blocking a player from the Report/Block Player menu will prevent you from seeing their text chat during a match
    • This will also block you from hearing that player in voice chat when it becomes available in the future
  • Blocking a player carries over between matches
  • You can unblock players from the same Report/Block Player menu
  • Blocking a player you are friends with through Epic Games will remove them from your Epic Games friends list
  • The Mute All button has been removed
    • If you prefer to play with text chat muted, you can go to Settings -Chat - Text Chat Settings, and make changes there
  • [PlayStation] Fixed a crash scenario involving four-player split-screen
  • [PC] Fixed a bug causing framerate cap to reset on start or when opening the Settings menu
  • Fixed a trading error when attempting to trade equipped Avatar Borders and Player Banners
  • Fixed a notification display error when looking at new items
  • The SARPBC Theme Player Anthem now plays correctly when streamer safe is enabled
  • Fixed a bug causing Painted Samurai Car Bodies to lose color on trim when using its Common Decals
  • Fixed localization for Tournament queue text
  • Fixed appearance of several Painted Excavator Trails
  • Fixed a bug causing XVII Decal to change trim color on Marauder
  • Centered several Decals for the Insidio Car Body
  • The 50th Anniversary and Hot Wheels Race Team Decals for Fast 4WD and MR11 will now change colors when switching teams
  • Fixed Exo and Planetarium Paint Finishes on Gizmo
  • Fixed a Paint Finish error when using the 2020 Team Liquid decal on Fennec Car Body

The complete patch notes can be read via the official site.

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