Rocket League: Update 2.08 Features Starbase Arc, Improves Player Reporting System

Rocket League Update 2.08
Rocket League Update 2.08 Panic Button Games

Season 5 of Rocket League is finally here. Aside from the new arena variant called the Starbase Arc (Aftermath), you can also unlock the new Nexus car by getting the Rocket Pass Premium for this season. An update has been rolled out that improves the player reporting system as well.

Improved Player Reporting

To keep Rocket League from getting destroyed by toxic people, the player reporting system has been improved. The report reason list is updated with additional options, which include:

  • Text Harassment
  • Verbal Harassment
  • Match Throwing or Griefing
  • Intentionally Idle
  • XP Farming
  • Inappropriate Player Name
  • Inappropriate Club Name
  • Trade Scam

If you’ve played with toxic people lately, you can report them by going to Recent Players, then select the specific player, and choose the Report Player option. The choices that you have from the list will be the same as the ones found during a match.

Additionally, you can now choose more than one reason when reporting an offensive player. For instance, if they continuously send inappropriate messages and they are obviously not putting in any effort for your team to win, you can choose both “Text Harassment” and “Match Throwing or Griefing” from the list.

Once you’ve reported someone successfully, a notification will show up in the upper-left corner of the screen. This is to keep you from getting distracted when the pop-up appears.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed controller focus bug on post-match celebration screen
  • Fixed appearance of the Tumbling Blocks Decal
  • Fixed appearance of the grill on Painted Tygris cars when non-animated Decals are equipped
  • Fixed a bug preventing Apex Wheels from being equipped on '99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
  • Removed option to add a friend as Epic Friend when they are already on your friends list
  • Fixed a bug preventing NFL Decals from showing up in Garage when using Filters
  • The Mood Slime Rocket Boost no longer appears over the top of certain car bodies when in the Garage
  • Fixed an issue preventing certain car movements from resetting the idle player timer

The devs have acknowledged that there are still many bugs that need to be fixed. For instance, enabling the SMAA option does nothing. Because of this, you may notice that there are no anti-aliasing effects present when you play the game. This might be addressed in an update, possibly soon.

Rocket League Update 2.08 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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