Roboplant: See What's Being Planned for this Year

Excited for 2023?
Excited for 2023? Rebelpug

It hasn't been long since Roboplant has been made available. If you're one of those who love the game, then get ready for some exciting news. That's because developer Rebelpug has given us a sneak peek at what new features are arriving this year.

These are the three main changes:

  • Planetary Events
    • To spice things up, environmental events are going to be added on planets Kytoon and Maylo.
    • This means that while building their empire, players need to look out for different kinds of storms which can affect the factory.
  • Build Rooms More Freely
    • Be ready to say goodbye to corridor constraints.
    • When this new feature goes live, players can now position the room of their choice wherever they like without the need to connect it to a corridor.
  • Robots Get Stuck Much Less
    • This is a promise that the development team has made, and it is finally happening.
    • More details will be explained within this month.

Improving the Game

Besides new features, there are other things being worked on. Rebelpug revealed in a post that they want players to fully enjoy the game and to make this happen, the game testing process will be improved to let the dev team know what's working and what's not.

Rebelpug also shared that it plans to work harder on its marketing strategy. Not only does it want to reach more people on social media but also attend more events and find new ways to promote the game. Finally, the developer wants to ensure that the roadmap will be followed and all the features planned will be released.

Early Access and Free Demo

Roboplant was released on Steam Early Access in November 2022. The game is set in a future not too far away and a time where humans have conquered other galaxies. Currently, humanity is looking for lands where they can build those efficient hydroponic farms and grow food. Players are accompanied by a team of robots known as Beebop 19.

For those unsure if the game is for them or not, there’s a free demo available. There’s also a special promotion right now with the game being offered at 10% off until January 6. Get Roboplant on Steam.

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