Risk Of Rain 2 Sells More Than One Million Copies In First Month Of Early Access

Compared to the numbers made by its predecessor, it's a genuine success.
The early access title is a certified success, selling more than a million copies in its first month.
The early access title is a certified success, selling more than a million copies in its first month. Hopoo Games

It has been a good launch so far for Risk of Rain 2, considering the state of other early access titles. Now, Risk of Rain 2 has reached a milestone that not many early access games can say they’ve reached.

Developer Hopoo Games took to the Steam Community forums last Friday to update its playerbase that Risk of Rain 2 has since surpassed one million units sold on Steam. To give a bit of context, its predecessor, Risk of Rain, took almost five years to hit that same number. It’s not surprising though, given that Risk of Rain 2 is mostly seen by its users as an improvement over the original, adding one more dimension to the 2D roguelike.

This announcement comes fast after the recent content roadmap dropped by Hopoo Games, which aimed to fix the issue of slow content drops. The initial response to this roadmap, according to Hopoo, was overwhelmingly positive. This may have had an impact on the sales of the title, as players were initially keen on how Risk of Rain 2 pulls out of early access a year from now.

Hopoo Games also mentioned the nearing release of its first content update straight from the roadmap, and how they are looking to implement it.

"Internally, we have continued to work on the new content update since launch and are really happy with the way things are turning out. This update is particularly exciting for us because ALL of the content included in our first update will be new content to the Risk of Rain universe," the post reads. "Expect a brand-new survivor, map, and more. If you’re a RoR1 fan and you miss some RoR1 survivors - don’t give up yet. Future content updates will weave in some returning content from Risk 1; we hear your wishes!"

In addition to new content, Hopoo also notes that this update will include various quality of life fixes to make the game better for players. They also reminded the community that basic maintenance and content are still to come before the first update hits, which will include bug fixes and full localization.

Risk of Rain 2 is now out on Early Access on Steam.

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