Riot Games Partners With Esports Camps And UCI Esports For Girls In Gaming Event

Girls in Gaming
Girls in Gaming Riot Games

Esports Camps has partnered with UCI Esports and League of Legends developer Riot Games to hold the first ever "Girls in Gaming" event. The main goal of the event is to introduce high school aged girls to various aspects of the esports ecosystem. These include content creation, game design, player development, marketing, and of course, professional and collegiate competition,

It should be noted that all female teams continue to be rare in esports and tournaments are still largely gender-segregated, meaning all male teams compete against other all male teams and all female groups go against other all female teams.

The camp is to be held at the Riot Games Campus on May 4 and 5. The event is free, but the slots are limited. Highlights of the camp include:

  • Overview of the Esports Industry
  • Instructional and interactive talks on game design, marketing, and content led by senior Riot Games personnel
  • In-depth advice and guidelines on preparing to play collegiate Esports
  • Best practices for team communication and performance in Esports competition
  • Individual leadership development
  • General physical and psychological Esports training tips

In a press release, Esports Camps Founder Justin Hoeveler said that this camp is an excellent oppurtunity especially for high school aged girls in the Southern California region. Hoeveler adds that they are happy to "help design this event with UCI; the goal of furthering the education of young girls about everything esports is an important step towards building full participation in each facet of this growing industry."

UCI Esports Assistant Director Kathy Chiang said that their top priority remains to be actively creating not only oppurtunities for women in esports, but also to have a healthy environment. Chiang added that UCI Esports is "excited to contribute to this camp and work with some amazing young women as they consider a future in the games industry. If we want our players and leadership to reflect the larger gaming community, it is essential to build a diverse pipeline of esports talent."

Meanwhile Riot Games Program Manager Dennis Murphy shared that Riot is excited to "open up the Riot Games campus to educate and help inspire the next generation of female gamers." The esports landscape continues to change at a rapid pace and for Riot Games, Murphy added that "it will be a treat for us to share some of the ways in which we think about and work within this evolving space."

Those interested to join the camp can register here.

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