Rimworld Update v1.3: New Raid Type, Bug Fixes, and More

Rimworld Update v1.3
Rimworld Update v1.3 Steam

Rimworld recently got an update that added new stuff and fixed many issues in the main build. Update v1.3 Preview has introduced pens, animals, breach raids, and more.

The addition of a new raid type called Breaching allows enemies to reach your sector by destroying walls with unique weapons. Termite is a new mechanoid used to break defensive structures. On the other hand, the new weapon, Breach Axe, lets players tear down doors and other structures. This new weapon can also be used against opponents but it won’t damage as much as regular weapons.

Rimworld Update v1.3 Preview (Bug Fix Highlights)

  • Mods can’t use ".tar" translations to do def injections on custom def types from other mods.
  • Smoke doesn’t persist on the map on save load.
  • Error "Key binding conflict: Dev_ChangeSelectedDebugAction and MainTab_Architect are both bound to Tab".
  • Wimpy noble quest sometimes spawns with 2 manhunting animals.
  • IncidentParms does not save pawnCount.
  • SharesElementWith accessing wrong second index.
  • Betraying temporary colonists doesn’t display a timer.
  • Food binging pawns try to eat recreational drugs.
  • Caravan auto-food selector chooses psychoid leaves as plant matter for animals.
  • Trade Caravans will approach the colony Anima tree and shrines as a gathering point for trade, rather than the colony itself if they enter the colony map closer to anima tree.
  • DamageWorker.ExplosionCellsToHit incorrectly adds cells to adjWallCells.
  • Monument quests aren’t failed after the map is removed.
  • If an animal hauls a corpse to a sarcophagus, it becomes the author of the inscribed artwork.
  • "Build copy" shrine commands sometimes appear white.
  • Alignment issues on some body artwork.
  • Calling a shuttle is blocked when an item blocks its interaction spot.
  • Glow pods cause screen shake when they expire.
  • Setting prisoners’ food restriction to "Nothing" will make colonists feed them ambrosia and beer.
  • Using the "change material" button on weapon info cards does not update stat readout.
  • Projectiles not visible on the first cell of flight.
  • Meals can stack with incompatible ingredients.
  • In peaceful mode, ancient dangers can be generated with hostile mechs.
  • In peaceful mode, refugee quests can have the refugees betray and attack you.
  • Brawler guards can still arrive with ranged weapons.
  • Incorrect relations gain info in prisoner tab during mental break.

You can read more about the update here.

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