RimWorld Update 1.3.3326 Brings Steam Deck Support

RimWorld Update 1.3.3080
RimWorld Update 1.3.3080 Ludeon Studios

RimWorld, the indie construction and management simulation game by Ludeon Studios, received an important update today. Update 1.3.3326 brings complete support for Steam Deck. It means you can now play the title on your handheld without issues.

The developer also contacted several modders to make sure that mods don’t break on the Steam Deck.

Ideology Improvements
  • Fix: Reforming a fluid ideo lists some precepts as "incompatible" when they actually aren’t.
  • Fix: Ability gizmos are still available for roles that have been removed via reformation.
  • Display incompatible issue and precept names instead of just precept names in reformation confirmation dialog.UI Improvements
  • Show accept key command hotkey on Steam Deck.
  • Set new, better Steam Deck menu icons.
  • Larger float menu options on Steam Deck.
  • Main buttons position change (change height instead of y).
  • Keyboard on a Steam Deck now shows automatically when a new text field is focused.
  • Show a special window at the top of the screen which shows the typed in text, since the Steam Deck keyboard can sometimes block the text field view.
  • Increase text input font size.
  • Don't show tooltips when the Steam Deck keyboard is open.
  • Change quests Steam Deck icon.
  • Touch screen scrolling improvements on Steam Deck.
  • It's now possible to scroll through lists by dragging your finger on Steam Deck.
  • Make zooming faster on Steam Deck.
  • Holding a special "middle mouse button" button on Steam Deck, now translates left clicks into right clicks. This makes it possible to give goto orders to drafted pawns by using the touch screen.
  • Don't pan the camera if the middle mouse button is held and a colonist is selected on Steam Deck.
  • Allow more zoom on Steam Deck for better touch screen support and easier navigation.
  • Better time controls on Steam Deck, it's now possible to increase/decrease time speed with back buttons.
  • Accept key on a Steam Deck now activates the first command.
Misc Improvements
  • Tutorial now mentions the correct button names on Steam Deck.
  • Added triggered modal ConceptDefs which explain Steam Deck controls.
  • Added controller configuration button to options on Steam Deck.
  • Added an option to disable tiny fonts in options.
  • Added Steam Deck configuration file.
  • Added SteamInput.
  • Make ScrollWheelZoomRate a static property.
  • Suppress Steam Deck ConceptDef warnings.
  • Added UnityGUIBugsFixer calls to LearningReadout since it uses GUI.BeginScrollView directly.
  • Ensure FixSteamDeckMousePositionNeverUpdating() works even for non-1 scales.
  • Updated steam dlls in root directory.
  • Updated Steamworks so that it's possible to show the correct on-screen keyboard on Steam Deck.
  • Added "Simulate using Steam Deck" debug setting.
  • AllTypes now tries to use all types it could load instead of failing entirely.
  • LearningReadout now uses Widgets.BeginScrollView instead of GUI.BeginScrollView to support Steam Deck fixes
  • Added support for build numbers in LoadFolders.xml

The patch also addressed several bugs. You can read about them by checking the complete patch notes via Steam.

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