RimWorld August 24 Update Brings New Content, Balances, and Bug Fixes

RimWorld Steam/Ludeon Studios

RimWorld has been getting lots of support from its developer recently. In August alone, Ludeon Studios released three updates for the game. The first update went live on August 3 and it improved the game’s performance and brought a new ideoligion UI. One more update went live two weeks ago and it brought new content and improvements.

The most recent update went live yesterday and it made tons of changes. A new fluid ideoligion system has been implemented and darklight braziers have been added. All of the new content has been mentioned below:

  • Add new fluid ideo system. This allows you to start the game with a "fluid" ideoligion that has only one meme. Over time, you gain development points on that ideoligion by completing rituals and other ideoligion-related actions. With enough development points, you can reform the ideoligion to alter memes or precepts, change styles, change structure, and more.
  • Add darklight braziers.
  • Predators no longer hunt animals on the other side of fences. Predators can still randomly wander into animal pens.
  • Add an alert to tell the player when a predator has wandered into a pen in use.
  • The game now shows the source of each piece of content on its stats card, so you know which expansion/mod something came from. It also shows which expansion/mod each research project came from.
  • Players can now choose a few items to bring to new archonexus settlement. This is especially helpful for things you really need like luciferium.
  • Add grace period where expectation levels are not increased for pawns with certain ideology roles after starting new archonexus settlement.
  • Add tongue body part. Tongue is removable via surgery if you'd prefer someone not speak. The tongue won't be damaged in combat.
  • Add bionic tongue that replaces tongue.
  • Add allow slave corpse toggle to various storage areas and buildings so you can separate slave corpses from colonist corpses.
  • Added new ancient junk: additional mech parts for more visual variation, more ancient cars, wheels, etc.
  • Added copy/paste gizmos for biosculpter nutrition settings.
  • Added toggleable texture compression and atlas texture compression in the options menu.

You can read about the balancing changes and bug fixes in great detail on the official site.

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