RimWorld Update 1.3.3087: New Content and Bug Fixes

RimWorld Update 1.3.3080
RimWorld Update 1.3.3080 Ludeon Studios

RimWorld recently got a new update that added new content and fixed bugs.

Players can now replant trees. This can be done by extracting and moving them around as an item. If the extracted tree is not replanted within seven days, it will die out. This new feature makes it easier to move trees out of the way for constructing new buildings, without "killing" them in the process.

RimWorld Update 1.3.3087

New Stuff
  • Added a command for dryads that tells them to return to a healing pod. They will stay inside for three days, and emerge with their wounds healed.
  • Players can now do drafted tending on downed hostile or neutral pawns.
  • Classic ideo presets can now generate relics.
  • Quest lodgers and pawns of non-player ideos are no longer upset if their ideo building is not present.
  • Persona weapons are no longer included in "allow biocoded" thing filters.
  • Upon new archonexus settlement, players now retain research up to classic start.
  • We now reset incident grace periods when starting a new archonexus settlement to make for a smoother start.
  • Colonists now get initial optimism thought after resettling in archonexus questline
  • Ensure clicking on social tab ideoligion opens ideoligion tab to correct ideoligion
  • We no longer randomize classic ideo styles. Just use whatever is in the culture.
  • Dryads now rest near their connected tree, not in beds or sleeping spots.
  • Vegetarian meals now allow animal products as ingredients.
  • Give starting survival meals some veggie ingredients for non-carnivore colonies instead of having no ingredients at all.
  • Removed allowed area assignment UI for dryads since they ignore it anyway.
  • Ideology loads before royalty when resetting mods config.
  • Minified trees left behind on caravans do not count as dead.
  • Error when forming caravan with a minified tree in inventory
  • Music doesn’t play for about two minutes after loading a game
  • Caravan auto-supply ignores negative thoughts from food when calculating the score.
  • Dryads listed on bed assign dialog.
  • Enabling disabled core mod after enabling DLC orders the core mod to be loaded before the DLC.
  • Cannot build floor coverings before having save/loaded at least once.
  • Stacks of Gauranlen seeds can only designate a single planting cell.
  • Killing a slave in a slave rebellion causes “Witnessed ally's death” thought
  • Potential mod breaking issue in Graphic.

You can read more about the update here.

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