The Riftbreaker: Latest Experimental Update Brings Technical Changes and Improvements

Most Experimental Update Ever
Most Experimental Update Ever Twitter/@EXORStudios

EXOR Studios launched the most experimental patch to date for the base-building, action-RPG hybrid The Riftbreaker.

The company stated that this massive update brought a lot of game engine changes. While they are not noticeable right now, they are necessary to lay the foundation for the game’s multiplayer mode, which will be introduced in the future.

Another noteworthy change is that the game now supports AMD SSSR or Stochastic Screen Space Reflections. Put simply, this feature will allow various metals and liquids to “pop out” or become more conspicuous on buildings and map props.

Players who want a much simpler way to build copies of existing buildings will be happy to know that the new Picker tool has been added in this update. Pressing the “B” key summons the Picker tool from the build menu, where players can select the structures they want to build more of.

Here are the other changes and improvements:

  • 4 additional map tiles for the Acidic Plains biome and 2 additional tiles for the Volcanic Area biome have been added to improve the randomized map generation variety.
  • Attack waves triggered by interacting with bioanomalies have been reworked. They are now much more demanding and scale, along with the bioanomaly rarity level and game difficulty level. Opening one of these should ba a conscious and well-thought-out decision!
  • New memory allocator that results in more efficient memory use and improved CPU performance - especially in late game scenarios with large bases.
  • Energy Walls and regular Walls now share the same menu tile. We made this change to allow you to use the same keyboard shortcut for both variants.
  • Mods in Campaign Mode will start dropping only after building the Communications Hub. Previously building the Armory was the trigger for these drops, which caused players to end up with several mods and no real use for them for a long time.
  • Added sound emitters to liquid resource deposits.
  • Orbital Laser and Orbital Bombardment now require advanced resources to craft.
  • You can now reconstruct after being destroyed on a mission that has already been completed.
  • You can now lose weapons if your mech is destroyed after finishing a planetary mission if you choose to return to HQ and abandon that mission location.
  • Skills of higher quality now replace their lower-quality counterparts after being crafted.
  • Significantly decreased research costs for magma power plants in the campaign mode.
  • Reduced the fire rate of the Sentry Gun.
  • Reduced the damage and piercing values for the Lightning Tower.
  • Increased the ammo consumption for Laser and Heavy Plasma.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

The Riftbreaker’s latest experimental update is available on PC.

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