'Resident Evil 7' Guide: Where To Find The Scorpion Key [VIDEO]

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard will be released on Jan. 24. Capcom

The struggle is too real. Escaping a house that belongs to a batshit family has brought you to an underground labyrinth full of terrifying ooze monsters coming old of this black mold on the walls. Amid Resident Evil 7's campaign full of nopes, you gotta find that Scorpion Key in order to move forward. 

One of the major objectives in RE7 is acquiring the shotgun, the strongest weapon in the game. You're gonna need it, but you're gonna need the Scorpion Key first. The aptly named key is used to unlock the door to Grandma Baker's room on the first floor of the main house. The door, you guessed it, has a scorpion sculpture. 

A set of stairs leading to the basement is just around the corner of the scorpion door and you'll have to go down there to grab this key. Walk through the corridor to find a teal gate at the very end. You'll encounter other doors and even more black ooze monsters along the way, but the Scorpion Key will be found in the room at the end. Once there, walk to the counter top in the middle and pull the key out from what pretty much looks like flesh inside a plastic bag.

With key in hand, return to Grandma Baker's room. Helloooo shotgun!

To learn more, check out this Resident Evil 7 walkthrough from YouTube channel GameRiot:

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