Resident Evil 3: Remake Hasn't Been As Successful As Its Predecessor

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In June, Capcom made an announcement claiming that Resident Evil has now become the company's best selling series, surpassing over 100 million copies sold. However, according to a recent quarterly sales report, Resident Evil 3 hasn't been a celebration for the company.

Resident Evil 3 managed to sell 2.7 million copies in three months. Most of us would consider the numbers to be respectable, but this figure is nowhere close to Resident Evil 2 remake's sales numbers, which is at over 4 million copies. The Resident Evil 2 remake also went on to become the highest-selling game for the company, beating the sales numbers of the original release. On the other hand, Resident Evil 3 remake does have some impressive sales numbers, but it still has to sell a million copies to beat the sales numbers of the original game.

Reputed business development manager Alex Aniel stated on Twitter that Resident Evil 3 is quite behind Resident Evil 5, 6, and 7 in terms of overall sales. Despite being a recent release from the company and an anticipated game by fans, Resident Evil 3 has yet to beat the franchise's disappointing releases, like Resident Evil 6.

Even if Capcom says Resident Evil 3 remake did not live up to the expected standard, we still think that the game was one of the best remakes of 2019.

It is interesting to know that the remake of Resident Evil 3 hasn't sold as much as Resident Evil 2 remake, and the reasons are still unclear. Resident Evil 3 did not launch alongside big releases by other developers or other competition and fans were really excited for Resident Evil 3 remake, given how successful Resident Evil 2 remake was.

We assume that the current scenario created by the ongoing pandemic may have something to do the low sales numbers, both for customers and businesses.

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