Red Dead Online Weekly Update: It's Time To Go After The Red Ben Gang

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Go after these train robbers.
Go after these train robbers. Rockstar Games

This week's update for Red Dead Online has players go after none other than the leader of the Red Ben Gang. A new weekly collection is here as well, along with the usual bonuses and benefits.

For this week, the bounty has been placed on Red Ben Clempson. With his taste for fine tailored suits and haberdashery, this makes him rather easy for bounty hunters to identify.

Known for wreaking havoc on local train routes, Red Ben and his gang were last seen stalking the train tracks in New Austin. Be warned though, as Clempson is a known sharpshooter and is considered armed and dangerous.

Weekly Collection

For this week, Collectors get the chance to track the Blood Flower, Chocolate Daisy and Creek Plum. Assemble the Herbalist's Collection and deliver to Madam Nazar, or mail it through the local Post Office, to get a rather hefty sum.

For those looking to test their skills and reflexes, they can give this week's Featured Free-Aim Series, Sport of Kings a shot.

Get hold of this new collection.
Get hold of this new collection. Rockstar Games

Meanwhile for the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue, there's a bunch of new additions available this week. There's the Cardozo Vest, which is only available for a limited time only. There are also the Dunaway Coat, the Purkiss and Pearrow Hats, Union Cap, Farley Shirt and Tillson Sweater, all of which are going to be permanent additions to the game. Patrons can also look through the new colorways of the Ledbetter Hat, Fuentes Poncho and Killiman Vest. There are also new footwear options with the Parson Boots, Rowland Boots, Cerrada Boots, and Cibola Boots.

Bonuses & Benefits

Red Dead Online reminded everyone that the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club, as well as The Outlaw Pass for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, is set to end on November 18. Before the deadline comes to pass, all exclusive Outlaw Pass rewards up to the player's current Club Rank are unlocked immediately with the purchase of The Outlaw Pass and everything unlocked before that date stays permanently. Players can view their Club Rank through the Progress menu.

New bonuses this week.
New bonuses this week. Rockstar Games

There are added bonuses for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. Outlaw Pass holders who manage to reach Club Rank 70 at the end of the week receive an all-white Cardozo Vest for free. This is in in addition to getting all the debonair stylings and professional benefits The Outlaw Pass delivers.

Collectors should also be happy to know that the Pennington Field Shovel is available at 25% off while all Collector Maps get a 50% discount. Collectors also receive a 25% bonus on RDO$ payouts for all Collector Sets.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Plus members who play Red Dead Online any time before November 18 can collect the Page of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles and King of Pentacles Tarot Cards. Players who connect their Social Club accounts with Twitch Prime receive the Bounty Hunting License for free and an additional 10% off the Field Shovel and Collector Maps above.

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