Red Dead Online Weekly Update: This Week's Legendary Bounty Has To Be Captured Alive

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Capture this bounty alive.
Capture this bounty alive. Rockstar Games

It's time once again for this week's Red Dead Online and this time it's all about Etta Doyle. There are also new emotes and a gift arriving to the game. Of course, there is the usual weekly bonuses and benefits as well.

Madame La Perle

Etta Doyle was known in the past as Madame La Perle. Back then, she trafficked in vice and worked as a procuress for ladies of the night. However, she and her gang of discouraged women have since reinvented themselves as bandits, robbing both stagecoaches and trains, particularly focusing on those coming from Leviticus Cornwall.

Cornwall has since grown weary of his freight being targeted by these bandits. In order to get Doyle, he came up with a plan to spread rumors of high value goods traveling by rail through St Denis. The goods are fake since all Cornwall wants is to spring an ambush. Since Cornwall doesn't want his name and company to be associated with this plan, he needs the help of qualified and experienced Bounty Hunters.

While Doyle and her gang are indeed extremely dangerous, she is required to be captured alive. Doyle can be identified by the scar on her right cheek, one that she earned in a knife fight, and of course by the fact that she dresses in male clothing. It's going to be rather difficult, as Doyle is likely using a mask to hide her true identity.

To get access to Legendary Bounty Missions, Licensed Bounty Hunters need to approach the nearest Bounty Board as indicated on the map. Once the Legendary Bounty is completed, it reappears on the board with an increased difficulty. This is indicated by the number of stars present on the poster.

Players who experience Red Dead Online for the first time on PC tomorrow can connect their Social Club account with Twitch Prime and get the Bounty Hunter license for free.

Gift and Four New Emotes

Starting today and November 11, Red Dead Online players, regardless of the platform, are rewarded with RDO$100 and a free Treasure Map. The Treasure Map can be found either at the Post Office or in your own Camp Lockbox. Meanwhile, all gifts will be deposited within 24 hours of playing Red Dead Online.

For Collectors ambitious enough, they can scour the map for the Weekly Collectible List which includes the Ace of Cups, Ace of Wands and Absinthe. Once collected, they can then cash in the Fortune Teller's Collection. All players need to do is visit Madam Nazar or by mail through the Post Office.

There are also a selection of new emotes available for those who have long wanted to express themselves on the frontier. The emotes can be found in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue. With these emotes, players can greet fellow travelers with the Gentle Wave or even show their appreciation through the Applause emote. They can also give the Thumbs Down or make use of the Hush Your Mouth emote to let their Posse know they're taking a stealth approach.

Weekly Bonuses & Benefits

For this week, players that reach Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Club Rank 50 can get the Gentle Wave emote. This emote gift arrives within 36 hours of reaching Club Rank 50 and can be found in the Greet section of the Emotes menu.

Meanwhile PlayStation Plus members who play Red Dead Online receive the Page of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles and King of Pentacles Tarot Cards within 24 hours of playing. This is free of charge and can be sold to Madam Nazar individually, or as part of a lucrative collection.

For those longing for a fright, there is still time to play the Fear of the Dark Showdown Mode, which ends November 12.

What are you waiting for? It's time to catch Madame Le Perle.

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