Red Dead Online Weekly Update: Answer the Call to Arms and Get Double Rewards

Will you answer the call?
Will you answer the call? Rockstar Games

It looks like towns are being overrun with attackers. But townspeople need not worry since a Call to Arms has been issued in Red Dead Online. For those who have the skill and are more than willing to stand up and fight, now is a good time to answer that call. That’s because, in addition to helping towns, it’s also handing out double RDO$ and XP.

Paying out double rewards as well this week is the Free Roam Missions. For those who think they’re up to the task, there’s also the chance to find more than the usual Capitale.

Outlaw Passes

This week also marks the start of Outlaw Passes, which are available for players to buy. In a post, the Red Dead Online team revealed this was due to the requests made by players. The Outlaw Pass items are making a return and are now available for purchase. These include The Zapatero outfit which comes with the Bandit Mask that protects anyone from being identified by witnesses.

Quick Draw Club No. 3

The Quick Draw Club No. 3 is now officially available. While the 25 Gold Bars may seem a steep price for this pass, the various rewards across all the 25 Ranks more than makeup for it.

There are a total of four passes and those who bought all of them at one time can claim the Halloween Pass 2 for free. For those who bought this new pass, as well as the previous two, get a Reward for 25 Capitale and 10 Fast Travel Rewards.

Other Offers

Other offers include the Blue Enamel Inlay Material, now available at all Gunsmiths. In addition, players who buy a weapon modification this week get 25 Buckshot Incendiary Shotgun Shells and 200 rounds of Express Revolver Ammo.

Players who simply log in will get 3 Special Snake Oils and 3 Potent Bitters.


There are many interesting discounts offered. The Bounty Hunter License is available for five Gold Bars less. Other discounts are:

  • Role-related Pamphlets (30% off)
  • Role Gun Belts (40% off)
  • Breton Horses (40% off)
  • Stirrups (40% off)
  • Ammo (40% off)
  • Spurs (50% off)

Prime Gaming

Players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming get a reward for a free Vitalism Studies Pamphlet and an offer for half off an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Item of their choice. This offer is valid until September 28.

Red Dead Online is a multiplayer action-adventure game that first served as the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. It was later launched as a standalone game.

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