Red Dead Online Weekly Update: Be Sure To Hunt Some Bounties

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Time to hunt.
Time to hunt. Rockstar Games

This week in Red Dead Online is a good time to be either a head-hunter or a hired gun. This is because any Legendary Bounty Mission is giving a 50% boost to both the RDO$ payout and the Role XP. New to this role? Not to worry as players who decide to get their Bounty License from today, July 14, until July 27 receive a RDO$200 Reward.

As if that’s not enough, Bounty Hunters that manage to rank up at least once get an extra RDO$100 Reward. For those who already managed to max out their Bounty Hunter rank, they get to receive a Treasure Map along with 10 sticks of Volatile Dynamite.

For those who don’t want to run around chasing fugitives, we suggest taking the time to visit the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue. There are a lot of discounts to enjoy, like the 40% off on all Single and Double Bandoliers, Sniper Rifles, Machetes, Skirts, Chaps, and Half-Chaps. Offering the same discount are select Winter-style Coats that include:

  • Leather Duster
  • Bison Duster Coat
  • Tempest Coat
  • Sheep's Wool Jacket
  • Hagen Coat
  • Torranca Coat
  • Dunaway Coat
  • Ballard Jacket
  • Durham Coat
  • Finley Jacket
  • Cinched Jacket
  • Riggs Fringe Coat

Then there’s the usual Twitch Prime benefits. This week players get RDO$1,000 by simply linking their Twitch Prime account to their Rockstar Social Club account. Additional benefits available this week are:

  • Offer for five Gold Bars off the Butcher Table which starts the Trader Role
  • Rewards for 6,000 Trader XP
  • Offer for 40% off a Horse
  • Offer for 40% off a Stable Stall
  • Offer for 40% off a Shotgun
  • 50 Incendiary Buckshot Slugs

If you think there’s not enough rewards offered this week, you’re actually right. This week’s rewards are a bit lean. However, there may be more next week, so just keep watch.

Red Dead Online is the online component for Red Dead Redemption 2. The game is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. It offers an interactive open world that lets players roam freely solo or with up to seven players.

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