Randy's Camera Puzzle Game Launched On Kickstarter

Puzzle game now on Kickstarter.
Puzzle game now on Kickstarter. Pinky Studios

A Kickstarter campaign for Randy's Camera has officially been launched by creator Daniel Almenara, working as Pinks Studios. The game follows the titular character Randy, who solves puzzles using his camera while also interacting with different elements of the environment.

Story-wise, Randy is an enthusiastic photographer who wants to show everyone that he is ready to become a professional. In order to do that, he gets involved in a journey through Bokehland in order to find the sacred camera known as the Golden Camera. According to his grandfather, this camera can turn anyone into a true professional photographer.

The idea behind the game is to make players get the same feeling as a photographer trying to get the perfect photo. However, each time a photo is taken, the battery of the camera is drained by a certain amount. Players then need to think about how to proceed in order to complete multiple levels.

Creator Daniel Almenara said in a statement that Randy's Camera "has a great potential to stand out from other puzzle games due to its innovative mechanics inspired by photography and its challenging levels."

the main features of the game include:

  • Different kind of puzzles inspired n photography mechanics
  • 50+ levels divided into five different worlds with each world having its own mechanics and aesthetics
  • Multiple fun minigames
  • 8+ hours of gameplay
  • Colorful pixel art graphics
  • Lots of replayability
  • Two languages: English and Spanish
  • Offline and online in-game achievements
  • Cloud saving

The Kickstarter campign has a goal of $13,454, and is going to be available for the PC through Windows and Android. However Almenara promises that if the campaign reaches around $16,800, he is going to release a version for the Mac, Linux, and iPhone.

Should the campaign reach around $22,000, a Switch port could be possible since the amount would allow Almenara to find a publisher and create the port.

For the Kickstarter campaign, a minimum of around $12 gets your name in the credits as "backer" along with an exclusive digital wallpaper. The largest pledge is estimated at around $550 and is titled as "Legendary Photographer." Here your name in the credit appears in gold text as Legendary Backer. You also get five digital copies of the game along with a digital book about Randy's Camera. Other benefits include getting a digital illustration of you and Randy. You also become a NPC, or even a playable character in the game.

If you're interested in the game and want to support it, you can go to the Kickstart page here.

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