See What’s Coming in Rakarth Update of Total War: Warhammer 2

Changes are here.
Changes are here. Creative Assembly

Total War: Warhammer 2 announced that its Rakarth Update is set to go live today. The new update offers a revamped version of the Sisters of Twilight’s Forge of Daith. There are also adjustments to some of the game’s content along with the usual improvements and balance changes.

The new update arrives at the same time as the free DLC, which introduces the Dark Elf beastmaster named Rakarth. Developer Creative Assembly actually released a teaser trailer on the voice actor for Rakarth. You can listen to it below:

So does the voice sound familiar? Care to guess? It’s actually actor Iwan Rheon who played Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones.

Wood Elves

Going back to the update, let’s start with the Forge of Daith. In the past, this was usually driven by dilemmas. Now players have more visibility with a dedicated panel along with a choice of which items they can get.

Because of this change, some items in turn have been nerfed mainly due to the ability to chain-Reforge them. These include:

  • Dreaming boots
    • Speed from 10 to 15.
    • Campaign Movement from 50 to 35.
  • Twilight Standard
    • Recruitment Cost from -50 to -30.
  • Eagle Mask
    • Research Rate from 100 to 75.
  • Dreaming Bow
    • Construction Cost from -50 to -33.
    • Construction Time from -50 to -33.

The development also reminded players to restart any in-progress Sisters of Twilight campaigns to prevent any conflict between the new and old systems.

Dark Elf

The new update brings some changes to the effect given by the Death Night bar of Crone Hellebron. The penalties for lower levels have been reduced while it now gives more bonuses at high levels.

Blood Voyages have also been revamped. It’s now possible to both sustain and replenish them after being able to perform successive Death Nights. There’s a catch though which is if the level of the Death Night bar is too low, the Blood Voyage starts to disband.

Lokhir Fellheart also received some changes and in particular, his starting Black Ark now has a bespoke special agent type and these benefits:

  • Unique innate trait for its Admiral, Kraken’s Claw, which provides increased base Black Ark growth.
  • Unique two-level landmark building, Tower of the Blessed Dread, which grants the Blessed Dread increased movement and additional bonuses to nearby armies.

See all the changes that arrived with the new update here.

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