Total War: Warhammer 2 Asrai Resurgent Update Now Live

New changes are here.
New changes are here. Feral Interactive

Total War: Warhammer 2 announced that its Asrai Resurgent Update is now live. It brings some changes to address gameplay issues along with changes to Offices. There are also some effects added along with the usual bug fixes that come with updates.

Forge of Daith

Ella McConnell over at Creative Assembly said that given the feedback received on the Forge, the team “implemented a preliminary set of changes to deal with the most prominent gameplay issues.”

The first is to revert back the items to their previous upgrade level, instead of base level, once the Reforging expires. The second is that the “Naestra leaves” option that appears when Daith offers to reforge a completed item has the timer reduced by two turns until the next new item is offered.

The team also made a balance pass on all items offered by the Forge. In particular, all items had their stats tweaked with Reforged items now made significantly stronger. According to McConnell, that means they’re now going to be “viable choices in comparison to permanent upgrades.”

Changes to Offices

McConnell revealed that when it came to the Wood Elf offices, the team wanted to avoid too many faction-wide effects since these resulted in players recruiting Lords just to fill a slot and then disbanding them later.

This is not to say that they’re not appropriate since they’re okay with some factions like the Empire where Elector Count seats are the objective of the campaign. However, for Wood Elves, McConnell said that they “wanted to focus on offices as a tool for customizing Lords and enabling alternative strategies and playstyles.”

Under this context, the goal for Durthu’s office was to complement a more defensive playstyle. On the other hand, Orion was supposed to offer a more “spiky” playstyle focused on expansion and contraction. Since the effects looked to be not strong enough to have the desired effect, these have been added:

  • Orion
    • Master of Scouts and Herald of the Hunt: +30% income from raiding to local forces.
    • Master of Drums and Master of Supplies: +25% income from post-battle loot to local forces.
    • Talon of Kurnous, Spirit of the Hunt, and Master of the Hunt: +15% razing income to local forces.
  • Durthu
    • ​All non-faction-leader Office slots provide -20% upkeep for all units while in owned territory

Learn more about this new update here.

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