Total War: Warhammer 2 Releases King’s Shilling Update

New changes with the update.
New changes with the update. Games Workshop

Total War: Warhammer 2 released an update dubbed The King’s Shilling. While this beta patch is rather small, it manages to address some high-priority issues. The update also makes changes and improvements to the Legendary Lord.

Talking about the high-priority issues, these are the four that have been resolved:

  • Vampire Coast factions are able to raise dead at sea again.
  • Fixed an issue which limited the number of mods a player could have.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented AI factions from recruiting more than one army.
  • Fixed an issue where active ability phase-stat effects were included in the unit stat calculation when gaining an experience level in battle, resulting in units having their new base stats set at incorrect values.

There are other issues still being looked into and once a fix is available, they'll be included in future patches.

Legendary Lord

Here are some of the changes made to these Legendary Lords:

  • Malus Darkblade
    • Warpsword questline can now be continued if the Beastmen army dies.
      • The Beastmen army has also been moved in Mortal Empires from the desert of Khemri up into The Badlands.
    • ​The army removed in the starting dilemma presented to Malus now only occurs for the force in Hag Graef.
    • Sanity effect changes include:
      • Increased maximum Ward Save to 40%.
      • Replaced construction cost reduction with growth increase.
      • Added positive side of melee attack effects.
  • Lord Skrolk
    • Plague-spreading chances have been increased and the benefits have been reduced to compensate.
    • Regional army-to-settlement spread probability increased to 25%.
    • The plague can now spread to adjacent regions and now lasts for 2 more turns.
    • Plague-spreading chance increased to +100% making all his armies and regions have twice the chance of spreading (50%/50%).
  • Repanse de Lyonesse
    • Water mechanics now work in multiplayer campaigns.
    • Banner missions now trigger in multiplayer campaigns.
    • Unique technologies Righteous Strength and Prayer of Fortitude now correctly apply their bonuses to characters.

Other changes include:

  • Arkhan the Black’s cape now adheres to the laws of physics when viewed from afar.
  • Ikit Claw’s ability Unlimited Power now has a correctly sized icon.
  • Thorgrim’s Grudge against the Greenskins is now “Grudge against the Foul” and also applies against Skaven.
  • Volkmar the Grim’s War Altar mount now properly shows that it grants a bound Banishment spell.
  • Morathi’s Amber Amulet unique item can no longer be stolen.

You can view all changes that arrived with the update here.

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