Rainbow Six Siege Teases Next Season, Void Edge

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge Windows Central

Rainbow Six Siege's official Twitter account revealed the name for the next season, called Operation Void Edge. Although the name of the upcoming season has been announced, the details of the season have been keep under wraps until the main Pro League events take place.

Rainbow Six Siege fans will get an official first look at the new season later this week. Just like at past events, Ubisoft will have a panel of key members from the Rainbow Six Siege team to explain what players can expect in Operation Void Edge and much more. The special panel will include game designer Mathieu Lacombe and level designer Nicholas Jolicoeur introducing the details of Operation Void Edge.

Product director Roy Del Valle, UI director Alexander Karpazis, and lead game designer Jean-Baptiste Hall will also offer the first preview at the fifth season of Rainbow Six Siege to fans.

Operation Void Edge could introduce the long-awaited Tachanka rework, which has been leaked on several occasions. Leaks have suggested that the new rework for Tachanka will make the mounted LMG his primary weapon. This leaves the operator's special ability to be replaced with something else. Currently, Tachanka is the least picked Operator in the game and Ubisoft has previously stated that the team is working toward making him more popular.

We are also expecting some Operator rebalancing with the new season. Ubisoft previously mentioned that the team has been considering rebalancing or nerfing Lesion as he is one of the more powerful defenders in the current meta.

The final weekend of the Six Invitational will start on February 14 and comes to an end on February 16. Ubisoft will hold the special panel before the Pro League Finals to reveal the details of Operation Void Edge. Additionally, we may also get some details on the new spin-off game, Rainbow Six Quarantine, that Ubisoft has planned for release later this year.

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