Rainbow Six Siege: Operator Guide – Fenrir Abilities

Rainbow Six Siege Guide — Fenrir Ubisoft

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most complex multiplayer shooter games on the market. The game features several maps that can be modified unimaginably thanks to destructible walls, floors, and roofs. But that is not what sets it apart from the crowd. Its main selling point is the operators, with every single operator, be it an attacker or a defender, unique and offers something worthy to the table.

Developer Ubisoft has been adding new operators since the game's launch in 2015. Rainbow Six Siege started with only 20 operators, and now, it has 67. In the next few days, you can add one to the ever-increasing number.

The launch of Operation Dread Factor will bring Fenrir — a defending operator hailing from Uppsala, Sweden.

Primary Gadget

Fenrir is a two-health two-speed operator that can place his fear-inducing traps anywhere on the map. His unique gadget is F-Natt Dread Mine, and he has access to five of those, but there's a catch. He only has access to three activation codes, so three of them can be activated at a time.

When an attacker reaches an area covered by an activated mine, their visor will be obscured, limiting their visibility to their immediate surroundings. Going through an inactive mine will not affect them.

Deactivated mines have a hard covering and can only be destroyed with explosives. However, they will open up when activated and become vulnerable to bullets, melee, electric shocks, and explosions.
A good Fenrir player will juggle all five of his mines and turn them on and off, depending on where the attackers are.

Weapons and Secondary Gadget

For the primary weapon, Fenrir has two choices, namely, the MP7 submachine gun and SASG-12 shotgun. No such option is present for the secondary weapon as Bailiff 410 Handgun is the only choice. For secondary gadgets, he can choose between a Bulletproof Camera or a set of Barbed Wire. We recommend the latter as you can place them near a mine and really mess with attackers.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in playing as Fenrir? Will you stick with your current defending main? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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