Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4 Patch Notes Addendum: Necessary Fixes Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid
Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid went live on the main build of the game yesterday. The update wasn’t too big, with only 4 GB to 5.44 GB in size, depending on the platform. Besides that, the developer also released the patch notes addendum for the new season.

New voice-over lines have been added to the Team Deathmatch playlist. The patch also squashed several bugs related to Gameplay, UI, operators, and level design. LOD issues on multiple maps are addressed, and Operators won’t fall through the map at EXT Zodiac on the Yacht map anymore.

The specific outside spot in the Clubhouse map where defenders won’t be detected is fixed. The bug where vaulting on Osa’s Talon-8 on the Villa map will transport attackers to the top of the skylight is resolved.

You can read more of the fixes below.

  • FIXED - Electricity VFX is not visible on Deployable Shields or reinforced walls and hatches.
  • FIXED - Operator remains stuck inside the garbage bin when exiting rappel above it at EXT Front Yard on Chalet map.
  • FIXED - Operators' legs twitch when shown in the MVP screen.
  • FIXED - Exit Rappel option appears in some locations where it can't normally be used.
  • FIXED - Leaning back and forth while aiming down sight is faster while rappeling.
  • FIXED - An extra bullet is fired and not subtracted from the ammo pool when shooting before the reload animation is finished.
  • FIXED - Animation doesn't correctly flip Grim's Kawan Hive Launcher.
  • FIXED - Solis counter-defusing with Spec-IO equipped results in a delayed animation.
  • FIXED - The LFP586 Revolver has 7 bullets instead of 6 after reloading.
  • FIXED - "MAX" indicator is not displayed in Solis' Spec-IO Electro-Sensor when 5 or more devices are detected at the same time.
  • FIXED - Solis' primary weapon is equipped while holding a gadget when Spec-IO's cooldown runs out.
  • FIXED - Several Operators are not revealed when pinging or scanning their in-use devices with Solis' Spec-IO Electro-Sensor.
  • FIXED - Jackal's Eyenox can be pinged by Solis' Spec-IO even when the device isn't in the identification area.
  • FIXED - Grim's Kawan Launcher fires through reinforcements while deployed on Thermite's Exothermic Charge.
  • FIXED - In-game keyboard functionality is lost after opening and closing the Ubisoft Connect overlay when Raw input is on.
  • FIXED - When using the Hide Other Players Privacy option, reporting other players reveals their real username, but the notification message still uses the NATO phonetic alphabet.
  • FIXED - Weapon skins accessed via News are sometimes showcased on secondary weapons instead of primary.
  • FIXED - Hip fire recoil on Shooting Range does not match the recoil in PVP games.
  • FIXED - Scramble VFX is missing when switching to or between Observation Tools.
  • FIXED - "Lefty" Controller layout doesn't apply to Maestro's Evil Eye.

You can check out the complete patch notes of Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4 Patch Notes Addendum via the official site.

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