Rainbow Six Siege Y7S3.3 Pre-Season Designer’s Notes Reveal Rook and Doc Buff

Rainbow Six Siege: GRIM
Rainbow Six Siege: GRIM Ubisoft

The recent update of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is about to make many fans very happy. Update Y7S3.3 recently went live on the test server and it brings balancing changes for seven operators.

Every change brought yesterday is a buff. However, Doc’s buff was the biggest one. Each of his projectiles will now heal players with 200 HP instead of only 40. He also received Bailiff 410 as a new secondary weapon, the same weapon used by Maestro, Alibi, and Oryx.

Rook received a major change as well. Anyone wearing his Armor Vest can now withstand once downed. I am sure many pre-league players are going to complain about this. Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb will now affect defenders in support mode as well, meaning that dead defenders won’t be able to see the cams once Dokkaebi’s hack begins.

Castle receives the M45 Meusoc as a new secondary weapon, and Kali’s sniper damage is increased to 135 from the previous 127. Kaid and Goyo received a small buff as well. The max ammo for TCSG 12, the primary weapon held by both, is increased to 121 from the previous 71. The patch also reduced the maximum overheal of every operator from 40 to 20.

  • Logic bomb now affects defenders in Support Mode.
  • Armor Vests grant withstand.
  • Each projectile heals 200 hp (from 40)
  • Add Balif as 3rd Secondary
  • Add M45 Meusoc
  • Increase damage to 135 (from 127)
  • Increase maximum ammo to 121 (from 71)
  • Increase maximum ammo to 121 (from 71)
  • Reduce maximum Overheal to 20hp (from 40)

As mentioned above, this update is only live on the test server, not the main build. The main build received another update today that focuses on bug fixes and improvements. You can read about it via our previous article. You can also check out the Pre-Season Designer’s Notes via the official site.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Rainbow Six Siege recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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