Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3 Shadow Legacy TS Patch Notes: Projectile Issues, Shield Issues, And More Issues Fixed

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Details
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Details ubisoft

Ubisoft, the developer of Rainbow Six Siege, just released its latest round of patch notes for the Siege test server. This update includes new fixes for shields flipping after swapping them out and meleeing, Zero’s gadget being unable to pierce through metal props on the Bank map, and some HUD fixes.

Another bug where launcher projectiles pass through walls was also fixed in the test server. This issue has persisted in the base game as well. The projectiles usually go through small holes or bullet holes, which isn't supposed to happen. The developers are also working on fixing some known bugs for the next update.

As always, like with any other test server patch, these changes are not final and will not be on the live build until more testing is completed.

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3 Shadow Legacy TS Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • FIXED - Shield operator's shields will flip after swapping it out and meleeing.
  • FIXED - Launcher projectiles (Ash, Zero) can sometimes pass through walls.
  • FIXED - Zero's gadget can't pierce through the metal props on destructible walls in Bank.
  • FIXED - Reload button is misplaced on non-native aspect ratios.
  • FIXED - Doc's stim pistol is not functional in Training Grounds
  • FIXED - HUD icon updates for voice chat.
  • FIXED - Various cosmetic/shop fixes.
  • FIXED - Various HUD fixes in caster mode.

Known Issues

  • Long loading times when transitioning to the start of the round.
  • The right and middle mouse buttons are inversed when editing key bindings
  • Nomad cannot shoot Airjabs with ARX200 in Training Grounds mode
  • 1F Main Entrance defender cam cannot be accessed on Chalet
  • Missing VOs
  • Barbed wire can't be deployed on carpeted stairs on Kafe.
  • Lesion's Gu mines are not deploying on stairs.
  • Players can vault onto places they aren't supposed to in Chalet.
  • Players can reverse plant on Chalet.
  • Hot breach charge can kill operators during entry.
  • Issues with activating/deactivating Vigil's gadget while leaning.
  • Looking into SC3000K
  • Alignment of Holo MH1 reticule
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