Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3 Shadow Legacy TS Patch Notes: New Scope Balances, Bug Fixes, And More

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Rainbow Six Siege
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Ubisoft, the developer of Rainbow Six Siege, just released their latest round of patch notes for the Siege test server, which includes new fixes for optics not displaying the correct opacity, some general bug fixes, and tweaks to the new operator’s scope.

Some operators will receive additional weapons scopes such as 1.5x on Mozzie's P10 Roni, 1.5x on Alibi's ACS12, 2.0x on Maestro's ACS12, and 2.5x on Hibana’s Type-89. These changes are being tested to maintain a balance between all operators. If these changes make the operator way more powerful then they will be reversed according to players' feedback.

As always, like with any other test server patch, these changes are not final and will not be on the live build until more testing is completed.

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3 Shadow Legacy TS Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:



Testing some new scopes following feedback:

  • 1.5x on Mozzie's P10 Roni
  • 1.5x on Alibi's ACS12
  • 2.0x on Maestro's ACS12
  • 2.5x on Hibana's Type-89


UPDATE - Minor visual tweaks to Zero's scope icons for aesthetics.


  • FIXED - Various minor visual issues with map props when in spectator mode.
  • FIXED - Various vault prompt areas.
  • FIXED - Attackers not taking damage when in contact with pre-reinforced rooftop hatches that are electrified.
  • FIXED - Various clipping issues.
  • FIXED - Various LOD issues on maps.
  • FIXED - Various minor HUD issues.
  • FIXED - Issue with DBNO detection.
  • FIXED - Flickering textures for certain map surfaces.
  • FIXED - Attackers can plant the defuser in 2F Closet of Chalet.
  • FIXED - Attackers can't plant the defuser on the east side of B Wine Cellar of Chalet.
  • FIXED - Gadgets cannot be picked up and recovered if thrown behind the trash bin in B Snowmobile Garage on Chalet.
  • FIXED - Players can vault on rocks at EXT Helipad of Chalet.
  • FIXED - Players will fall off the edge of the desk in 2F Office Chalet after vaulting on top of it.
  • FIXED - SC3000K with a silencer should now reflect the correct damage displayed in the in-game menu.
  • FIXED - Missing feedback warning message when Clash tries to user her CCE shield while in a disabled state.
  • FIXED - Various minor PvE map issues.
  • FIXED - Some Optic colors (orange, turquoise) are not displaying their true color at high opacity levels.
  • FIXED - You can go through the cool vibes wall on Coastline while rappelling.

Known Issues

  • Long loading times when transitioning to the start of the round.
  • The right and middle mouse buttons are inversed when editing key bindings
  • Nomad cannot shoot Airjabs with ARX200 in Training Grounds mode
  • Doc's stim pistol is not functional in Training Grounds
  • 1F Main Entrance defender cam cannot be accessed on Chalet
  • Missing VOs
  • Barbed wire can't be deployed on carpeted stairs on Kafe.
  • Lesion's Gu mines are not deploying on stairs.
  • Players can vault onto places they aren't supposed to in Chalet.
  • Players can reverse plant on Chalet.
  • Hot breach charge can kill operators during entry.
  • Issues with activating/deactivating Vigil's gadget while leaning.
  • Looking into SC3000K
  • Alignment of Holo MH1 reticule
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