Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge Heavily Nerfs Twitch And Lesion, Recruit Is Now OP

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Here's an early look at the changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege in the Y4S1 update
Here's an early look at the changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege in the Y4S1 update Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 1 went live yesterday. After spending several weeks on the Test Server, the developers at Ubisoft felt confident enough and added it to the main build. Void Edge is not just about two new operators and a map rework, it also made several operators balancing changes, including some nerfs and some buffs.

Most of the changes are mentioned in patch notes, but some are hidden. The main highlight is the Recruit rework. From now on, Recruit won’t be running iron sights on his gun. New sights like a holographic sight have been added to his loadout. His loadout has also been simplified. Rather than choosing guns and gadgets yourself, Recruit will now a have a re-defined loadout for Attacker and Defender side.

Lesion and Twitch suffered some heavy nerfs. Lesion can only see his GU mines when he has a direct line of sight on them and is within eight meters. The initial ten-damage tick is also completely removed and DBNO players won’t take any damage from the mine. Twitch's drone will now only have three tasers instead of the previous five, however they will regenerate over time like Yokai drone charges. Taser damage is reduced from ten-tick damage to one-tick damage. Frost’s gun will now have access to a Holographic site and Castle's secondary weapon will be replaced by the Super Shorty. DMR will now do more destruction to soft walls, hatches, and barricades.

Though this change is not mentioned, after playing the new season we saw a heavy increase in Hibana’s Type-89 recoil. We don’t know whether this nerf is intentional or a bug.

You can read all the tweaks made to operators below or on the official site.

Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge Operator Patch Notes

Operator Balancing


To improve the Rainbow Six Siege onboarding experience, we’re re-assigning Recruit on a mission to lead and guide our new players. In Y5S1, recruit will have pre-set loadouts for ATT and DEF instead of CTU based loadouts. This will help ease the learning process and make recruit an ideal pick for new players familiarizing themselves with Siege.


  • Removed M45 secondary weapon and replaced with Super Shorty


  • Holographic scope added to Frost’s C1


  • Falling onto Goyo’s Volcan only causes it collapse, instead of explode and propagate fire.


  • When objectives such as Bombs or Biohazard containers are still hidden during the action phase, if IQ detects them with her gadget she will reveal their location to her entire team.


  • GU mines visible to Lesion only when in direct LOS and within an 8 meter distance.
  • Removal of initial GU mine damage tick.
  • GU mine damage increased to 6 damage per tick (instead of 4).
  • DBNO players now immune to GU Mines. Being DBNO will still trigger them but the GU mines effect will not apply.


  • Twitch Drone: Twitch’s drone will now use a charge system similar to Yokai drones instead of a set ammo count. Drones will start with the maximum ammo count of 3 shots and it will take 30 seconds to recharge a new shot.
    • Drone will start a round with 3 shots (instead of 5)
    • It takes 30s to fully recharge a shot, with a maximum carrying capacity of 3 shots per drone.
    • Drone shot cooldown reduced to 1s (from 2s)
    • Drone taser damage reduced to 1 hp (down from 10). Evil Eyes and Jager’s ADS gadget health also reduced to 1 hp.
  • Increased recoil for Twitch’s F2


Warden’s Smart Glasses will now run on a charge system and can be activated long as there is more than 20% left of his charge left. Activation lasts 10 seconds and needs 10 seconds for a full recharge.

  • Cooldown removed on Warden’s use of his gadget.
  • Warden can now control usage time and deactivate it manually, with a maximum activation time of 10 seconds.
  • His ability recharges at the same speed than it depletes. When fully depleted, it takes 10 seconds for it to be completely recharged


  • Increased destruction for DMRs for faster destruction of barricades, hatches, and soft surfaces.


  • Vector damage increased to 23 (from 21)


  • Dokkaebi: Stun Grenades replacing Frag. Grenades
  • Maverick: Frag Grenades replacing Stun Grenades
  • Nokk: Frag Grenades replacing Claymore
  • Ying: Frag Grenades replacing Claymore
  • Compensator removed from DMRs
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