Rainbow Six Siege Team G2 Debuts New Frag Only Roster

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Rainbow Six Siege

If you follow the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene, you know that team G2 used to be a powerhouse and won almost everything they played. After a small roster change, all of that success was history as G2 started going into a slump.

Joonas 'jNSzki' Savolainen was replaced by Aleksi 'UUNO' Työppönen on G2’s main roster, which made a drastic change in their playstyle. Their performance didn’t yield results, so the team kicked Daniel Mazorra 'Goga' Romero and replaced him with Pascal 'Cryn' Alouane, who was almost an opposite of Goga. To fill Goga's role, Fabian 'Fabian' Hällsten had to step into the Hard support role

During their PL season, G2 managed to lose their spot in the 2020 R6 Invitationals, but luckily after some teasing, ESL announced that G2 earned the final free invite to the major, as G2 had a number of wins that they stored.

After the 2020 Six Invitational, G2 had a complete roster change removing Fabian and Ferenc 'SirBoss' Mérész from the main roster and benching Fabian while introducing their new super team. This new line-up includes one of the heaviest EU fraggers, Ben ‘CTZN’ McMillan, and an amazing fragger from Team Fnatic, Jake ‘Virtue’ Grannan.

It has also been confirmed that G2 is officially cutting ties with Cryn, SirBoss and Fabian. All three players are now looking for new teams to join.

“Joining G2 is a dream come true because ever since I started playing this game I have watched them from the beginning grow into what they are now," CTZN said in an interview about joining G2. "My goals and aspirations are to win every tournament that’s available in Rainbow 6 and to recreate the G2 era again with this team. My personal goal is to keep consistency throughout the year and make sure to do my job to the highest level possible"

Virtue was also asked in the interview about his thoughts regarding his new home. “Having the chance to play for such a decorated team and org is a dream that I have been non-stop working for and now that it has happened, I won’t give up until the team is on top again. Create a new era, become the best again and stay the best for many years to come,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fabian addressed the fans about his decision to step down from his role. “I felt that it was time for me to move on. During our recent performances, the group atmosphere wasn’t great, so I asked to be traded. I love my G2 teammates as friends but I don’t think we should continue playing together at this point," he said in the interview. "We’re currently working with G2 on finding me a new home. The option I was hoping for during this transfer period, unfortunately, didn’t work out, so I’m looking for other great opportunities for me out there, preferably in the EU but possibly other regions if the opportunity is spicy.”

So, what are your thoughts on G2’s new roster change? Do you think they are going to find success with this new frag heavy team? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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