Rainbow Six Siege Update: New Operators Teased In Tweet

As Rainbow Six: Siege prepares for its next season, developer Ubisoft teases the newest upcoming Operators.
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Here's what we know about the recently-teased new operators for Rainbow Six: Siege Year 4 Season 2.
Here's what we know about the recently-teased new operators for Rainbow Six: Siege Year 4 Season 2. Ubisoft

It looks like Rainbow Six Siege is about to get its next set of operators, and Ubisoft knows just how to get our interest. In a post on Twitter from the official Rainbow Six Siege account, fans received this eerily interesting animated GIF, accompanied by the caption "Look carefully... what do you see?".

It seems we should take the caption quite literally, because it's kind of hard to see anything unless you look really closely. We see two figures, one coming out of a shadow in the ground, and one standing tall with his back turned. Both are surrounded by a vortex of what looks like smoke, and each of the two figures has some colored smoke coming from one hand. While we don't really have a lot to go on based on this teaser, we do already know some information about the upcoming operators.

Based on the official Year 4 Roadmap released by Ubisoft, the two operators will be from the United States and Denmark, respectively. We're guessing the man standing in the teaser is the operator from the United States, and the one in the shadows is the operator from Denmark.

Operation: Burnt Horizon kicked off two months ago in what started the first season of Rainbow Six Siege's Year 4. Burnt Horizon introduced Gridlock and Mozzie, operators from Australia. This time around, we're seeing Warden, an agent with the United States Secret Service, and Nökk, from the Danish special forces, possibly from the Jaeger Corps.

There was also a leak recently that described the abilities of these new operators. If the leaks are to be believed, Warden will be equipped with a special optical device that renders him immune to the visual impairment effects like smokescreens and flashbangs. Nökk, on the other hand, will be a silent attacker who is invisible to cameras.

In any case, Year 4's Season 2 will probably come out in early June, so we won't have to wait too long to see the new operators in action. As early as now, players and enthusiasts are coming up with strategies and playstyles revolving around these to-be-released operators, but what do you think about the developments so far? Are you looking forward to playing as Warden with his resistance to blindness effects, or as Nökk with stealthy lethality? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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