Ubisoft Reveals ‘Bug Hunter’ Program For Rainbow Six Siege

Exclusive rewards come to those who can identify and report bugs the fastest.
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Ubisoft introduced a Bug Hunter Program, which incentivizes players to help maintain Rainbow Six Siege.
Ubisoft introduced a Bug Hunter Program, which incentivizes players to help maintain Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft

Ubisoft reveals its plans to reward players who help them maintain their game.

As of yesterday, the developer/publisher of Rainbow Six Siege has launched its Bug Hunter Program, an undertaking “that has been designed to reward all those dedicated players that help us to improve the game’s health with every new update.”

Rainbow Six Siege is quite well known in the gaming community for bouncing back after a particularly rough launch. In its earlier days, it was plagued with hundreds of bugs, some of which were game-breaking. Thanks to a dedicated community, and with more than a little help from its developers, it managed to rise from the ashes and is now one of Ubisoft’s best titles.

In a move to bolster its efforts tackling game issues, Ubisoft has launched R6Fix just last year, which is a community of sorts that identifies bugs and other issues. Since its inception, R6Fix has received over 7,000 bug reports, most of which were patched in a timely manner thanks to the help of its dedicated playerbase.

The Bug Hunter Program is a new initiative that seeks to supplement Ubisoft’s bug-ending efforts. To join this program, simply report any issue you might encounter on the Test Server through R6Fix. The QA team at Ubisoft will try to reproduce the bug and if successful, the submission is marked as Acknowledged.

Ubisoft has stated that all issues should be addressed in English, clearly stated and with accompanying visual evidence taking the form of either a screenshot or a video. However, only the first person to report the acknowledged bug will get the credit towards the eventual reward, and that all duplicated issues will be automatically discarded and not counted for credits.

Once you get 3 issues marked as acknowledged, you are presented with an in-game Frost charm which references one of the game’s earliest yet relatively harmless bugs, the raptor legs.

Ubisoft has stated that they will add additional thresholds and rewards in the near future.

Rainbow Six Siege is available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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