Rainbow Six Siege Update: Caveira Elite Skin Leaked Early

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Caveira Elite Set
Caveira Elite Set Amino Apps

Elite skins are some of the most anticipated cosmetic items in the Rainbow Six Siege community. A recent leak showcased what could potentially be an upcoming Caveira elite skin. The game currently has over 20 elite sets, which is close to half of the current Operator roster. The elite sets are exclusive premium cosmetics, which can be purchased with in-game currency and microtransactions. The elite sets are a bundle of specially themed items available for $15 each. Prior to Caveira’s elite set leak, keen-eyed users also leaked the Ela elite. The Ela elite set is expected to launch alongside the Year Four Season Four update.

The Caveira elite set leak comes from Twitter user @RolyNoly1, who is famed for previous cosmetic leaks and the Doktor's Curse Halloween Event.

Rainbow Six Siege: Caveira Elite
Rainbow Six Siege: Caveira Elite @RolyNoly1

What's surprising about the Caveira elite set is that Ubisoft took a completely different direction with theming the Operator. Ditching the face paint and military gear, the silent step huntress has seemigly received a more relaxed look. Her elite set includes a red/crimson crop top and gloves, black pants, and a similar red color palette running on her M12 submachine gun. Owing to how starkly similar the Operator appears to other video game characters, users on Twitter have been comparing the elite Caveira to Chloe from the Uncharted games and Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider games.

If the Ela elite set happens to launch first, the elite set for Caveira will have to wait until Year Five. However, take all of this information with a grain of salt since Ubisoft hasn’t officially confirmed any of these leaks. Since the new elite set is a work in progress, the final result may vary from that of the leaks.

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