Rainbow Six: Siege Devs Discuss The Possibility Of A K-9 Unit

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Alexander Karpazis goes on Wired to tell us why there still isn't a K-9 unit in Rainbow Six: Siege, and more!
Alexander Karpazis goes on Wired to tell us why there still isn't a K-9 unit in Rainbow Six: Siege, and more! Ubisoft

Adding a K-9 Unit in Rainbow Six: Siege is something that devs have been talking about for a while now, but there's been a few problems with actually implementing it in-game. In a video posted by Wired, Ubisoft Montreal's own Alexander Karpazis stepped up to the table and answered questions ranging from mild to wild about Rainbow Six Siege.

While there's plenty of laughs to be had throughout the ten-minute long video, there's some useful information in there, too, particularly if you want to know what's coming to the game next. One piece of information picked up is the topic of implementing a K-9 unit to Rainbow Six Siege. In theory, a K-9 unit with an trained attack dog could be added to the game just like any remote-controlled operator gadget (or implemented some other way, with less direct control) but Karpazis presented the difficulty of the suggestion elegantly:

“This is something we’ve talked about for a while”, says Karpazis. “Our creative director always talks about a K-9 unit, but to answer your question, I have to ask you a question - are you okay with shooting a dog?”

If anything, it's a valid point. After all, the people who are pushing the idea of a K-9 unit to Rainbow Six Siege are probably dog lovers themselves, so how prepared are they with shooting dogs when they're on the enemy team? However, the folks over at VG247 countered with something I think everyone can get behind: robot dogs.

In any case, the video also touched on a few other topics of interest. For one thing, Karpazis says that there are currently no plans to introduce dual-wielded pistols to Rainbow Six Siege, and the plans to add the Area 51 map were scrapped. There's also a pretty informative section at about 2:35 where Karpazis details how MMR is calculated, and how MMR carries over across seasons.

What do you think of potentially adding a K-9 unit operator to Rainbow Six Siege? Since attack dogs have been around in plenty of other titles, how would you feel about having to gun down some vicious (albeit arguably adorable) dogs in-game? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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