Rainbow Six Siege Pro League EU Playday 2 Recap

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Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six Siege Season 11 Pro League is currently ongoing, and each region has finished their second playday. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the season finals will be held online. The prize pool is also going to be split amongst the top teams of each region.

We were all excited to see G2 Esports' Frag-only roster. Their first game against Rogue was decent, and the score went 7-5 in favor of Rogue. In the team's second game, G2 Esports played against the EU titans Team Empire. It was a surprise to see G2 Esports win, and in fact, they crushed Team Empire 7-0 on Coastline, which is a super frag-heavy map.

The current G2 roster constitutes of Ben ‘CTZN’ McMillan and Jake ‘Virtue’ Grannan along with Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen, Juhani ‘Kantoraketti’ Toivonen, and Aleksi ‘UUNO’ Työppönen, who are all super frag heavy. G2's operator lineup was super effective, running the Ash, Buck, Nomad, IQ, and Zofia squad every single round. But even for a frag-heavy team, their info game was very strong. They were able to cut off Team Empire in every rotation and managed to win their gunfights against Empire's squad. Taking frag-heavy teams like G2 Esports on Coastline is a bad idea as the map is structured in such a way that fragging is more important.

We also saw BDS VS Na'vi, which was a really good game. Na'vi was finally able to win after quite a lot of losses and new roster changes brining in Dimitri "Panix" de Longeaux from BDS. Their win against BDS put Na'vi back on track and they are doing well in the Season 11 standings.

R6 Standings
R6 Standings Siege.gg

So, what are your thoughts on the ongoing Pro League season 11 for Rainbow Six Siege? Are you enjoying all the amazing matches teams are putting on? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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