Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes: February 21 TS Patch Notes Now Live

Gridlock is one of two new Operators coming in the next Rainbow Six Siege season
Gridlock is one of two new Operators coming in the next Rainbow Six Siege season Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is preparing for the release of Operation Burnt Horizon and the start of Y4S1 by testing all the new content on the Rainbow Six Siege test servers. Developer Ubisoft has just released a new patch making minor changes ahead of the official launch.

Remember: this patch is only for the Rainbow Six Siege test servers. Additionally, this patch reflects a still-in-development stage of the next major update. The changes reflected in this patch may be modified before the update is officially released to live servers.

Rainbow Six Siege February 21 TS Patch Notes


Fixed - Defenders are not being affected by Mute's Jammer when in prone (players not registered as being within the aoe buff, blue indicator missing, cleanse not in effect)

Fixed - Attackers can control a drone if they deploy a drone while being injured at the same time

Fixed - Transition animation from prone to sprint is almost instantaneous (the worm).

Fixed - Holographic sight is sometimes reflective and unusable.

Fixed - Moving while prone and leaning produces no sound.

Fixed - Deploy and pick up animations are broken for the shield operators in 1st and 3rd person when using the breach charge.


Fixed - Fire rate on Caveira’s Luison is lower than intended

Fixed - Barbed wire is being electrified when vertically outside of the active radius of Kaid's Rtila

Fixed - Alibi's hologram still appears even when an Attacking Operator is moving through/on top of the gadget while in prone.


Fixed - Sound does not propagate through a section of the floor in 2F office in Outback


Fixed - Visual issues with some model's eyes + eyelashes

Fixed - The black holographic sight takes more space in the screen than the brown one

Fixed - The "Ocean's Teeth" Weapon Skin for IQ's 552 Commando is unavailable.

Fixed - After cooking a frag grenade until it explodes, the grenade model remains + nearby grenade indicator remains for other players


  • Performing a specific sequence of actions allows players to move without making sound.

After investigation, we have found that sprinting is only silent in 1st person (the player themselves) and does not affect the sound for other players in the game (they can still hear sprinting noises fine). We are continuing to work on a fix to ensure that the sprinting sounds can be properly heard by all players in the game.

  • Maverick does not have a Burnt Horizon uniform or headgear

  • Black Holographic optic is rectangular as opposed to square. (This was fixed for tan holographic optics in Y3S4)

  • Ying’s Burnt Horizon headgear model collapses her character model.

  • Skins are not properly applied to weapons

  • Stutter while sprinting

  • Players are able to access unintended parts of the Outback map


  • Players are sometimes able to spectate their own dead body.

  • Running animations. We need more info for these, please submit to R6fix!

Maintenance for the update begins a 1:30 p.m. EST, and should take roughly 30 minutes.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see any of the changes added in today’s test server patch? What changes would you like to see included before the Y4S1 update is pushed live? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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