Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight Introduces Two New Characters, Reworks Kafe Dostoyevsky Map

Operation Phantom Sight goes live on test server May 21.
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Phantom Siege
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Phantom Siege Ubisoft

Ubisoft revealed full details of the Year 4 Season 2 content for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The update introduces Operation Phantom Sight, which adds two new characters: the attacker Nokks and the defender Warden.

Nokk's primary weapons include the FMG-9 and the Six 12 SD. Nokk's secondary weapons are the Desert Eagle and 5.7 USG. Her Unique Ability is called HEL Presence Reduction, and is sure to excite players. The HEL is a glove attachment that, once activated, lowers Nokk's ambient noise output and even hides her from observation tools like Bulletproof Cameras, Drones, and Evil Eyes.

At the other end is the Warden, who is armed with his M590A1 and MPX. His secondary weapons are the SMG-12 and P-10C. If Nokk disappears from sight, Warden does somewhat the opposite. His unique ability is called Glance Smart Glasses. As long as he does not move, the unique ability allows him to see through smoke and even becomes immune to flash effects.

Aside from the two new characters, Operation Phantom Sight introduces a rework of the Kafe Dostoyevsky map. Changes include:

  • Most of the first floor has been redesigned, with the most drastic change around the North entrance. This main entrance now resembles the lobby of a high-end catering establishment, with multiple areas to take advantage of.
  • The second floor now features a new pair of Bomb sites, in Fireplace Hall and Reading Room. The stairs leading up from the main entrance have also been repositioned.
  • On the third floor, the easternmost part has changed, rearranging the layout of Cocktail Lounge, and giving it a balcony that overlooks the second floor. The cigar shop has also gained a brand new balcony, opposite that one.
  • In the southeast corner, the staircase now has a barrier, which limits the angles one can hold or exploit.
  • While other areas of the map remain essentially the same, all of it has received an aesthetic revamp that gives the map an even more sleek and chic atmosphere.

Reverse Friendly Fire is making a return. First introduced in the update for Operation Burnt Horizon, this feature has been updated and improved for Operation Phantom Sight.

Operation Phantom Sight goes live on the Test Server today, May 21. The Test Server allows players the chance to test upcoming features, but consistent gameplay is not guaranteed since it is, after all, a testing environment. Test Server is exclusive to the PC platform.

Additional details on Operation Phantom Sight are available here.

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