Rainbow Six Siege North American League 2021 Stage 3: Playday 5

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Rainbow Six Siege’s North American League has just concluded its fifth playday of Stage 3. This is an important league as the top four teams will qualify for the Six Major.

Susquehanna Soniqs vs. DarkZero Esports

This match was played in Chalet, which is an attacker-sided map. Soniqs started on the attack and had a very difficult time trying to execute into the site. The first round by Soniqs was uncoordinated as they just pushed multiple sides of the maps and expected to win. But DZ assumed their push and was able to eliminate them all. DarkZero took the first half with a 4-2 scoreline.

After the side switch, Soniqs started to win rounds that signaled their comeback. Evan "kanzen" Bushore of Soniqs got a triple kill on round nine by just hiding in the corner of the Storage room. The kanzen's triple kill brought the round with ease to Soniqs. Soniqs continued to dominate succeeding rounds until they won the game with a 7-4 scoreline.

Soniqs haven’t made any roster changes, which means they had plenty of time to improve their coordination. On the other hand, DarkZero made some roster changes and had less time to work on that part.

Oxygen Esports vs. Spacestation Gaming

This match was played in Clubhouse, which is a defender-sided map. SSG is really comfortable playing this map, and they are known to be one of the best teams in Clubhouse. SSG started on defense and had a difficult time defending against OXG’s aggressive push. The sixth round was the best in the match, as Nathanial "Rampy" Duvall of SSG got a double kill by blowing up the C4 in the Logistic office. This was followed by Rampy getting another kill by wall-banging the vertical angle when OXG tried to plant.

SSG was able to win that round because of Rampy, which tied the first half with a 3-3 scoreline. After the side switch, SSG started to play more aggressively that allowed them to win more rounds. Alec "Fultz" Fultz of SSG got four kills on round eight by just holding an angle from the CCTV breach. SSG won the map with a 7-5 scoreline.

You can watch the stream over here. Check out the match details here.

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