Rainbow Six Siege: Here's Your Guide to Navigating the Marketplace

A new way to get items. Ubisoft

In case you didn't know, the Marketplace in Rainbow Six Siege is officially open. As the name implies, it's a way for players to sell any unused items that they have and buy one that they want.

Before we take a look in how the Marketplace functions, it's important to learn how to access it. There are actually three conditions. The first is that players need to have at least clearance level 25. Second is that Two-Factor Authentication must be enabled. Third is to have played a match in the current season.

It's Time to Buy

To buy items from the Marketplace, you can choose an item from the Marketplace homepage or browse through different selections under Buy. Remember that only currently tradable items are going to be available. What this means for example is that items from the current season won't be tradable until the next season comes out.

To buy an item, you'll need to place the highest price that you want to pay and then create and order. After that all you need to do is wait for a matching sale. BY the way, the price you set is used as a maximum sine the Marketplace actively seeks the lowest price. Once a matching seller is found, the transaction is then considered as completed.

Get Ready to Order

Under My Transactions, you can see all your active purchases along with the sale orders. You can have as much a 5 active sale orders and 5 active purchase orders at the same time. For completed orders, there's a limit of 20 sale orders and 20 purchase orders per 24-hour period

Orders are active for 30 days and after that they expire. Of course, it's possible to cancel an active order provided the transaction has not been completed. Because once that happens the order won't be cancellable or even refundable.

Go for the Sale

Any tradable items on the inventory are going to appears on the Marketplace Sell section. Owned items which are missing from the list can't be traded at the moment.

To sell an item, you need to first put the asking price. After that you then create an order and wait for a matching buyer. By the way, there's a Transaction Fee of 10% of the sale amount charged by Ubisoft.

What do you think? Ready to try out the Marketplace?

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter video game launched in 2015 and made available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. In 2020, it was released for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.

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