Operation New Blood to Introduce Two Operators to Rainbow Six Siege

New Operators joining the fight. Ubisoft

The second season of Year 9 of Rainbow Six Siege is all about Operation New Blood. The highlight is the introduction of a Recruit remaster which results in the creation of two new Operators that fill the role. There's Striker on attack with Sentry on defense. While these former Recruits won't have their own unique gadgets, they do have the unique ability which can bring two different secondary gadgets and release the potential for some electrifying play-making combos.

Striker and Sentry do much more than their predecessor. Each can be selected in Ranked play with players being able to customize their appearance through the usual range of cosmetics. Some of these are going to be available in the new Operation New Blood Battle Pass. Now as mentioned, the two won't have unique gadgets. Instead, each of them can select two secondary gadgets that they can bring into the fight.

On the Offense

What that means for Striker for example is that the Operator can realize the Attacker's dream of solo opening an electrified wall by launching an Impact EMP grenades along with a hard breach charge. They can even carve their very own path towards the objective through a breach charge and then cover their own flank with a claymore. Then for every secondary gadget that an Attacker could choose, Striker gets to choose two as long as they aren't the same item.

The Best Defense

Over on defense, Sentry can pretty much do the same though the selection is made from a very different pool of gadgets. Players for instance can focus on staying hidden from Attacker drones by getting an observation blocker and then placing a bulletproof camera nearby to further deter those prying eyes. They can also create some very dangerous situations by placing strategic proximity alarms and then hide nearby with a nitro cell to surprise unwary Attackers.

Flexibility is Key

The thing to remember though is flexibility. That's because Sentry and Striker allow for possibilities in solo and team utility compositions that weren't there before. Each one also brings with them a rather versatile loadout.

On the attack, Striker wields the M4 assault rifle or the M249 light machinegun as their primary weapons. The secondary weapon meanwhile is the 5.7 USG pistol or ITA 12S shotgun. Sentry, on the defense, has the Commando 9 assault rifle or the M870 shotgun as their primary options. For the secondary slot, it's the C75 Auto machine pistol or Super Shorty shotgun.

What do you think about these two new Operators? Operation New Blood also makes balance changes to two Defenders which you can learn more about here.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter video game launched in 2015 and made available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. In 2020, it was released for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.

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