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Rainbow Six Siege Flores
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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Crimson Heist is halfway done and the latest attacking operator we received at the start of the season was Flores. This operator didn’t really change the meta unlike Aruni, which was released before Flores.

Flores’ RCE-Ratero Drones

Flores’ unique ability is easy to use if you can time the explosion correctly. The RCE-Ratero Drones are basically normal drones with a grenade attached to them. The drones will last 10 seconds when you deploy them, so make sure you have a plan or the drones will go to waste. The drones can also be manually triggered but it will take three seconds before they go off.

Flores will receive four of these drones at the start of the round and they can be used to destroy soft walls, hatches, and even gadgets like Mira's, Maestro cams, and deployable shields.

How To Counter

To counter the drones, you can bring a Mute or Mozzie, which prevents the drones from moving in a certain proximity. If the Mute jammers are placed incorrectly, the RCE drones can pass through the small gap and blow up the jammers.

Best Maps

Flores is useful in maps that require a ton of utility clearing. Oregon is one such example where defenders will try bringing multiple shields in the Basement to slow down the attackers. Flores just has to send his drones toward the shield and will clear it without much coordination required. Other maps he excels in include Consulate, Kafe, and Oregon.


Flores comes with a decent loadout: AR33, SR-25 Marksman Rifle, and GSH-18 Pistol. If you aren’t confident with your gun skills, the AR33 is the best choice as it has nearly no recoil and has a decent fire rate.

Flores’ gadgets consist of Stun Grenades and Claymore. The Stun Grenades are really useful in clearing out Jager ADS and Wamai discs.

You can read more about the operator here.

So, what do you think of Flores as an operator? Do you think your playstyle fits him perfectly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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