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Rainbow Six Siege’s biggest event for 2021, the Six Invitational held in Paris, concluded its first playday for Group B. The two round-robin format groups allowed all teams to play each other once. The matches were set in a best of one, which made it intense and difficult for players. Only the top four teams from each group would move ahead to the upper brackets, while the fifth to seventh placers would go to the lower bracket to try to get a spot in the playoffs. The eighth placer of the group would be knocked out without a comeback chance. Meanwhile, two teams from Group B have already been disqualified because of COVID-19 restrictions.


Ninjas In Pyjama’s victory against Vodafone Giants and MKERS resulted in a 7-4 scoreline. This was shocking to most viewers as NIP had a terrible time in the LATAM league and barely won any games there. While NIP seems to be safe from relegation, they might not have a chance in the upcoming games against the titans of North America.

  • First place: Ninjas In Pyjamas
  • Fourth place: Made in Brazil


Mkers, second place as of this writing, surprised everyone by taking down TSM with a 7-4 scoreline. One of the major reasons could be TSM doesn’t have many VODs on Mkers while the latter has plenty to understand their opponent's playstyle. Unfortunately, Mkers is the only EU team in group B since Virtus.Pro was disqualified due to COVID-19 restrictions.

North America

TSM placed third, as of this writing, because they lost their third game to Mkers. However, TSM clapped back at MIBR and SpaceStation Gaming. The remaining North American teams didn’t do that well, though they are safe from elimination for now. Both Oxygen Esports and SSG managed to have the same score, tieing them at the fifth spot.

  • Third place: Team SoloMid
  • Fifth place: Oxygen Esports and SpaceStation Gaming
  • Eighth place: Parabellum Esports


The only APAC representative in Group B was the Giants, at the seventh place as of this writing, were not allowed to travel due to the COVID-19 restrictions set by their government. Still, Giants played two matches despite both being losses. If the matches go with similar momentum, Giants may get eliminated from the groups.

You can watch the stream over here. Check out the match details here.

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