Rainbow Six Siege Free-To-Play Weekend Returns, More Outbreak Details Sunday

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It's a busy month for Rainbow Six Siege. As Year 3 Season One nears, Ubisoft releases more and more new details on the upcoming Chimera DLC and Outbreak Event. What's more, Siege's The Six Invitationals championship tournament in Montreal kicks off today with the Group Stage Events. Finally, this coming weekend also marks another Rainbow Six Siege free-to-play weekend, joined by a limited-time discount for special editions of the game.

Firstly, the free weekend will be available for gamers on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC and will take place from Thurdsay, Feb. 15, through Tuesday, Feb. 20. During this period, new players will have access to the full game, including all maps, all operators and all modes. Should the new gamers wish to own the game after the free weekend is over, Ubisoft offers a 30 percent discount for Rainbow Six Siege Advanced Edition, Gold Edition and Complete Edition. These special editions include the full game and offers 600 Rainbow Six Credits as well as 10 Outbreak Collection Packs. But act fast: the promotional discount will end on March 6.

Siege fans who wish to follow The Six Invitational can visit the official The Six Invitational schedule. Essentially, Tuesday’s Group Stage splits 16 teams into four groups that compete in eight matches across two livestream channels. The winner of each group will advance to the quarter-final rounds on Friday, semi-final rounds on Saturday and finally the grand final match on Sunday. Saturday’s livestream will also share new DLC details in the Operation Chimera Reveal. Finally Ubisoft’s Outbreak Reveal panel will take place on Sunday, just ahead of the Grand Final.

Anticipation over the latest DLC is greater than usual as the Outbreak Event will take a significant departure from the main game. The new survival co-op mode puts a new twist on the popular “zombie shooter” with an interesting backstory that involves an old Soviet space capsule that crash lands in the quiet town of Truth and Consequences, New Mexico. The capsule apparently has brought an extraterrestrial parasite to earth, which infects the town’s citizens and causes an unprecedented outbreak gone out of control.

Via the Infected Hostile Brief, the parasite has infected and altered humans into five “lethal profiles” that have caused a surge of violence. The first profile is the Grunt, which is a common hostile that possesses the ability to generate an armor that protects the host from bullet fire. Next, Breachers are not only highly agile, but also possess proximity bombs that can destroy objects in order to create new paths. Like the name suggests, Rooters have the ability to lay parasitic spikes beneath the ground to immobilize enemies. Rooters are also known to be deadliest when their backs are against the wall. Smashers are both bullet resistant and heavily destructive, capable of tearing down walls without taking any damage. Finally, the Apex are the strongest hostiles we will encounter. Rather than attack its enemies head-on, the Apex will command waves of hostiles at your unit. What’s more Apex can also disorient operators with “blinding projectiles.” These five lethal profiles will likely combine their abilities to take down the operators. It’s all down to training and experience to get you through the ordeal.

The select operators that will respond to the Outbreak events include Ash, Tachanka, Doc, Smoke, Buck, Ying, Kapkan, Glaz, The Recruit, and two brand-new CBRN operators, French Lion and Russian Finka.

Will you try Rainbow Six Siege over the free weekend? Stay tuned for more Operation Chimera and Outbreak event news in the days ahead.

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