Rainbow Six Siege: Every Single Challenge Of Around The World Battle Pass

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Around The World
Around The World UBISOFT

Rainbow Six Siege recently got a brand new Battle Pass called Around The World. The pass has over 35 tiers, and each tier offers exciting items ranging from exclusive cosmetics to R6 Credits. You can complete the pass by playing the game, and winning rounds and matches. However, the pass is only available for four weeks, so unless you spend ten hours a day in Siege, you might need some help.

Ubisoft has you covered there as well. Siege has special challenges that will help you level up faster. There are four community challenges and four personal challenges. Community challenges need to be completed by the entire Siege community and personal challenges will be completed only by you. Completing a challenge gives you 850 points. A total of eight challenges will give you 6800 points.

Here is the run-down of every single Battle Pass challenge.

Personal Challenge

Blind Enemies - This one is simple, you have to blind five enemies to complete the challenge. Flashbangs can get the job done, however Ying’s Candela would be much more efficient.

Explosive Kills - You have to kill ten enemies with explosives. However, killing the hostage with Fuze’s Cluster Charge doesn’t count.

Match Win Streak - You have to win three matches in a row if you want to complete this challenge, it doesn’t matter if it’s Ranked, Casual, or Newcomer. Playing with a complete squad will make this challenge much easier.

Secondary Weapon Kills - Get 40 kills with your secondary weapons to complete the challenge. Smoke players will love this one.

Community Challenge

Destroy Defender Gadgets - The entire Siege community has to destroy a total of 25,000,000 defender gadgets. Don’t be a freeloader and make sure you contribute.

Destroy Attackers Drone - This one will be same as the above challenge, but for the attackers' drone. This challenge will unlock in Week Two.

Kills - A community challenge for kills, this one will unlock in Week Three.

Play Rounds As A Team Of 3 - This one will unlock in Week Four.

So what do you think? Will you be completing these challenges? Or do you not care about cosmetic items? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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