Rainbow Six Siege Drops The Hammer On Players Who Crashed Matches

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Rainbow Six Siege to initiate ban wave.
Rainbow Six Siege to initiate ban wave. Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is initiating a ban wave on players who abused the chat symbol exploit. The abuse was done by spamming chat symbols, resulting in matches crashing. While that particular chat symbol exploit has since been fixed with patch Y4S2.2, the ban is likely to push through within the day.

In a post on Reddit, an Ubisoft Community Developer said that the ban wave is being implemented in accordance with this section from the Code of Conduct which states:

    • The following actions violate the Code of Conduct, and can lead to disciplinary action in accordance with the Disciplinary Policy outlined below.
    • Any conduct which interrupts the general flow of Gameplay in the Game client, forum, or any other Ubisoft medium.

The ban is not going to be uniform, as it is going to "have varying lengths, depending on the frequency and severity of the exploit's usage." The post also revealed that this ban wave is the "next step towards sanctioning players that knowingly and deliberately take advantage of exploits to the detriment of the overall match."

In the same Reddit post, user CMDR_QwertyWeasel said that knowing who the players abusing the exploit was easy as all that needs to be done is to go through the chat logs for certain players. A number of users are supportive of the move. User xShiroto, for instance, posted that they are excited for the day when "Ranked is playable for more than two weeks because all the cheaters and exploiters are banned." The same user added that it has become annoying just how cheaters are rarely punished.

User LanZx, meanwhile, said he or she is happy that bans are finally being issued for breaking the game, even if third party software was not used.

Some users have expressed concern, saying that the ban could end up being wrongly issued, like with what has happened in the past.

This latest action comes just after players discovered a glitch in Rainbow Six Siege. In particular, the Clash glitch resulted in the character being able to shoot through her shield and at times have the shield make her invulnerable to melee attacks.

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